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  1. No one around you in Keweenaw that you know has a welder that you are Friends with can help you with a special project for a few brews or some forge time projects Brother ?
  2. Brother Chris, Beat me to it also you could make a set of "C" type of wedges/ shims to go around any of the hardy tools that you are finding that you like to fit your anvil (Just make sure that you use a good steel and it is long enough so you can knock the hardy back out of the anvil ) **** I have seen some get stuck due to soft steels and mushroom.
  3. That is one Show that I would lobe to see shown on BBC America here in the States . it would beat out the "Big Swords Joke Show " that they plan on showing this year .
  4. Awesome work Brother Wade , Most excellent Fit & Finish too.
  5. Ooh Brother Chris, Here is one of my Best "Golden Nuggets" Ever for you and the "Worlds Best Heatsink / Thermal Heat Transfer" You will ever use ! This is what I use All the time in any game build and it NEVER fails me ! http://www.frozencpu.com/products/7299/thr-44/Innovation_Cooling_Diamond_24_Carat_Thermal_Compound_-_48_Grams.html And here is "All of the ones they carry " . among other things to keep your CPU Frozen/Cool all day long http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l2/g8/c127/list/p1/Thermal_Interface-Thermal_Interface_Materials.html Blessings & Best Regards
  6. OOH I love Natasha's work She is Very Very good at carving in most any medium's .
  7. Love the Long design Chris . I will be looking at this thread for sure to see how this works out .that Head looks very cool .
  8. Uncle Ted Nugent Has worked on a many Broadhead design from stubby to long ones and he has a line of them out with every thing in between brother . I like the Stubby just remember KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) NOT calling you that by no means either ! saying don't get wrapped up in over thinking the project and you will do an awesome job with them just like you do with your Knives . Good Luck and keep us posted Brother Chris. Blessings & Best Regards Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  9. Most excellent work brother JD. Flawless execution in design and craftsmanship . Your lines flow seamlessly from tip to pomal and the fact you accomplished a beautiful integral that flows into the handle so well is Awesome Brother . Thank You for the Inspiring Work . May I Pm you with a request if you have the time ? Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  10. By the list and the info you posted you have been hit by a Meth Maker the "extras" shop tool Keys and such were just that . You will NOT get any of it back Sorry Brother ! Time for a Very Good Security Camera System for your place . As you have been Hit once and they know Just what you do and the Exact Chemicals you have on Hand at All times ! They Will be back and Hit you again I Promise you 1000% You Sir are Now A target for them . Sorry BUT Do Heed My warning and get the system to catch them ! Meth is Very Bad in Tennessee as Stated by Brian, We know ALL to well Just what Folks will do
  11. Here are a few you may wish to look at . http://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn/?searchAheadTerm=Files&searchAhead=true&hdrsrh=true&typahddsp=American-Pattern+Files&navid=12100203#searchAheadTerm=Files&searchAhead=true&hdrsrh=true&typahddsp=American-Pattern+Files&navid=12100203&sortby=brand and Hare : http://www.mcmaster.com/#hand-files/=uo0vly and the Last : http://bandsawblade.com/SimondsFiles/americanpattern.htm All 3 are from a Machinist Friend of mine that order's from them regularly as Per "Only as NEEDED" Quote Not Often. Ret,
  12. Here is Dave Martell's Site for some Very Good Quality Japanese Water Stones. and is where I get most all of mine with out busting the bank either. http://www.japaneseknifesharpeningstore.com/Sharpening-Stones-s/22.htm
  13. What type of Stones are you using now Bruce ?
  14. Here Ya go Justin and others that may need this type of help . D2 Steel Info ! https://www.hudsontoolsteel.com/technical-data/steelD2 Main Page for ALL types of Steel info ! https://www.hudsontoolsteel.com/?utm_source=bingads&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=search-modbroad-ca
  15. Wow Brother Bruce , the Deba blade is looking quite nice & on its way to being a show stopper . I would clean the Handel area as well when doing the blade area to avoid a step up / off set so when you put the handle back on it is a nice smooth transition .
  16. Bruce , The Deba Knife you have "IS/ Should Have" a single Bevel on the blade. The one side with the Japanese text, should be "Absolutely Flat ! " the other side Should have the Bevel ! this is known as a "Single Bevel Knife". there are many types of Handles you can put back on the knife Just remember the handles on these knives are up to the user. I have quite a few Handle designs (100's) that are common for this type of knife if you are interested in them let me know I either post them or send you an E Mail with some of them. I look forward to seeing what you do with it .
  17. Looks like a Very Sweet Blade Chris. I look forward to seeing it completed .
  18. Chris, Try the 1550 Degree F soak time for two Minutes letting the steel cool to room temp (On Its Own) them Temper @ 400 Degrees for a X2 Cycle letting the steel cool back to room temp (On Its Own) On the last Temper Quench in a Bath of Oil with oil temp @ 250 Degrees and it should stay in the Oil bath with out heat source to the Oil and Both the Oil and Steel Let cool to room Temperature You will see a Very Sweet Blade with Exceptional Hardness & Temperament . Ret, Sgt. Robert D. Yates
  19. It could also be Hemp fibers woven together to form the material as it was also used back in that time period.
  20. I have Not Stopped working on this Project Folks ! However , I have had a delay due to having two teeth ( canine # 11 & 12 teeth) fixed and have had some Minor issues with this Surgery . I will continue when I am doing better. Best Regards Ret, Sgt. Yates
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