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  1. real nice! this actually inspires me to make one myself. I do Medieval full contacts fighting in full armour.. the swords we use take a beating, especially the long swords and we seem to have a bit of a problem with the guard that goes loose after a while even though its properly fitted. anyone have an idea to make it stronger?
  2. sure I can get a small resistor to do the job. thanx Brian
  3. haha as far as i know im the only Afrikaans guy on this site. I know what you mean Charles. dank je Karim, il do vinegar next time on a test piece or use less salt in the water.
  4. ag dankie man haha. jy van Suid Afrika af na Engeland toe getrek?. i also think the hardning process can effect the etch.. I used N690 stainless.
  5. thought id share my new knife I made with my Logo etched with salt water and a small electric gate motor battery.. etched real fast. anyone know how to make it etch a little smoother and slower.?
  6. Not at all Kevin. It was a thin piece i had to work with, that being said i think you are right about the ricasso. working on something different now that will have just that. Viktor if i were you i would try and find someone that offers a course in making Damascus rather than trying to do it and fail, dont get me wrong, trying new things and trying them by yourself and practising is good. we all have had that one knife stay too long in the forge and melt away haha.
  7. Thanx Charles indeed fits nicely I Prefer my "Bear" on the dark side, black bear is good, grizzly not so much haha cant believe it was missed spelt for so long and I didn't notice haha. thanx. As for mead I make it myself.. haven't made it for a while since thee are more important things that keep me busy these day. ferment for 9 months and do the transfer every 3rd month, also experimented with added some berries and oak.
  8. Forged it a while back. finally something worth showing. K600, O1, EN45 174 mm blade, 120 mm handle from camphor burl wood, silver guard Sheath is cow hide with ostrich shin leather.
  9. second knife from the top has a curly maple handle and very thin to carry and conceal easily. at first i only had one notch but looked crap. so put 3 in... but that looked stupid haha.
  10. yep tell me about it. there was a bad flaw in the steel so had to improvise.
  11. Hi everyone i went off the grid a bit and trow myself into work and forging etc. so finally i have sum thing worth showing. . a Damascus blade made from K600, EN45 and O1. the Damascus was made by a friend of mine. unfortunately i did not keep it up to Japanese standards.. take a look. mind the other knives, thats the best picture i had taken before it sold.
  12. Hi Jerrod Thanx ill have a look at it. I found a place online with patterns and historically accurate. just copy to URL http://www.armourarchive.org/patterns/
  13. Hi Ron. That was my next step, i will surely go have a look in a library. Google mostly offer fantasy based armor, although i did come across a few things here and there.
  14. Hi all I apologize if this is off topic. I am looking for some information and pictures on historically accurate armor from the 14 to 16th century. and also the weapons. I started medieval combat in a sword and shield club and have to get some armor.. since im doing smithing i was hoping to make it myself and save some money. any info would be appreciated thank you
  15. Welcome Tony Im with Austin on this one.. it looks rather thin.. If I were you I would just start messing around with the steel and see what I can make. being a beginner blade smith means lots and lots of trail and error. Do some research on the forum. the search bar always comes in handy. Good Luck
  16. thanx guys some good info. i already forged a bowie out of it.. now to clean up and quench.


    Hi everyone Been a while since I posted, good to be back. I have acquired some 1070 from a friend of mine. I want to make a bowie for a change, I have never used it before and was hoping for some advise on heat treatment, normalizing , creating hamon with clay, oil or water etc.
  18. Hi Andrew Welcome to the forum!
  19. My first forge was bricks on the ground with a crappy fan. I personally prefer using man power, this way you can control the heat. Nice anvil you got there too
  20. Actually my Japanese is not that bad and until recently i had contact with a very old man in Fukui Prefecture It would seem the best way to do things is to go there and look around for a smith .. as you said Justin.. and guessing that is the only way. from what i know it would make my life easier if i had someone over in japan inviting me over... i hear this makes everything from visa to staying there much easier. Ill have a look at the site Justin thank you.
  21. Hi everyone. been a while since my last post. Ever since i started with Japanese blades i wanted to try make my way to Japan and get an apprenticeship and study the way of making a perfect blade. I was wondering if anyone somewhere on this forum might be able to push me into the right direction, or have any contacts in japan that i might contact. thanx Loki
  22. that is really cool, nice pattern as well. I remember crafting a small horse shoe that was as big as my finger nail for a charm bracelet ... after that one I also stopped haha.
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