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  1. Great, now I am going to be worried about that too.... At the moment the bearings seem to pass all checks, but I will be keeping an eye on them
  2. I hadnt considered the belt tension throwing the rubber off center. I havent measured the rim thickness, that might be the issue, or a rim seperation that I can detect with the belt off...My TIR on the wheel is .0002 which is why this baffles me so much. It seems really out of balance. When turned slow it is fine, but at running speed it acts like it is a half inch off center. There are some wear streaks in the tire , but for the most part it looks pretty consistant. The way the wheel was acting was as if a big chunk was missing.It seems plausable that it may have picked up grit in the face of the wheel , though if it did I shure cant see it. The wheels feel soft to me when grinding. I have seen replacing the rubber mentioned in David Boye's book and Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop. Perhaps it is worth just peeling it down and starting over with some harder rubber. I will try to be easier with the new wheel.
  3. It would have to be the inside. The outer edge looks ok to the indicator, though it shows a little wear. The new wheel runs as smooth as the first one did when new. I am a bit worried that I did something to it that put it out of balance. Have you found that the Grizzly wheels wear very fast or are too soft? I pushed it kind of hard and chewed through a lot of pretty hard steel in the time before it got out of shape.
  4. I have a Grizzly 2x72 that I bought around the begining of the year. I know they aren't a top quality machine, but it got me grinding out of the box. I have most of the parts for 3 KMG clones but havent found the time to start building. I bought the Grizzley knowing it would be a while to get them put together. I sprung for the 10" wheel with the grinder and have to say, it was a better tool than I expected. I ground nearly a dozen blades, and while shaping a handle out of Corian, it developed a serious vibration. The machine is fine. The 8" wheel is smooth sailing, but that ten shakes the house apart! There is no really apparent damage to the 10 inch wheel. I contacted Grizzley, and they sent me a new wheel. I cant fault them at all in this. The new wheel runs smooth. The old wheel did too when new though. What I am wondering is 1- what did I do to screw up my wheel, and 2- can it be fixed? I recall someone in here mentioning refacing a Grizzley wheel, though I couldnt find the post. From the start the wheels seem softer than I expected. I know wheels are available with different durometers of tire, are soft wheels more particular? I dont want to have to replace contact wheels regularly, the bastards are expensive, and I need to save up for a Bader....