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  1. I love steam punk but hate gears and stuff thrown on with zero function so that lenses apature ie seriously freaking amazing. Really nailed everything there! Truly amazing
  2. I never really thought of that but that is awesome! Thanks
  3. Yeah he loves it , I wanted to do something a little simpler but as per the norm I went over board on the handle.
  4. Man I opened this and heard Purple Haze instantly in my head! That is nice ! Made me feel high for a sec . Nice work Was.
  5. I have not posted in a while I have been busy. Anyways I made this blade for son who wanted something Japanese so I decided to do an East meets West blade with some cheeky pop culture thrown in. My boy is 6 and loves Pokemon so I made some wrought iron menuki poke balls. 1095 differentially heat treated blade 6"ish Wrought iron tsuba and kashira Copper seppa and fuchi which I attempted to chase a little.
  6. Totally agree that is why I said it was a cheap one. I promised the woman that bought it a sheath because I felt it needed something but I already commuted to the price so I basically through it in for free.
  7. It feels great in the hand and something I will do in the future for sure.
  8. This started out as a gift for my son but he wanted something more LOTR inspired which is cool. It is 304/1084 San mai with wrought iron fittings and a maple handle that I stiched a leather wrap around it and with an ode to Peter Johnsson I wrapped string around it wet to give it that look that is both functional and pretty damn cool looking. Overall is about 12-14" and the blade is some where around 8-9 " I promised the lady who wanted it for her husband a sheath so I made this little guy cheap and easy.
  9. I was going to drill a hole so that the peen would be flush with the cap but I kind of thought it worked with the overall theme. There were a ton of things I wanted to do but had to restrain myself because I just wanted to achieve some things like the fit of the gaurd , cap and the overall flow of the knife. Thanks for the kind words appreciate it
  10. Finished up this little guy and really focused on fit and finish instead of going for more difficult embellishments that I really love doing. Blade is 1084 and I left the scale on ( which coincidently is not easy to make it look right) fittings are cooper that heated up and quenched to give it that reddish orange. Handle is Bocote with a African Blackwood spacer. Finally starting to get to the point where some of what's in my head is being seen in the finished product.
  11. That shape is sick! Leave it please I think that is astetically pleasing in everyway. Not a fan of synthetic materials but it works.
  12. Is the second pic the same blade??
  13. Thanks Allen I was able to get the clutch to disengage with a piece of wood and some taps. My old man helped me out but that is interesting to know that you grease the clutch surface! She is a very early model 1904! Serial 501 . Now just got to get some new dies for it ! I am looking at getting the KDS die system for LG Hammers hopefully they fit . Another question though how do you replace the belts on these guys without pulling it apart?? Can you? I havan adjustable belt on it now but just wondering.
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