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  1. Discovered a new direction, welding packages from different types of titanium, in the people called tymaskus.A few first attempts.
  2. I mostly do the blades, but I can make blanks under the order. my site http://www.gregforge.com.ua/en/ Thank you so much
  3. offer for sale seax blade Blade welded of 4 bars twisted damasc steel 280mm length, 33mm width. Price 275 USD with shipment
  4. Karim, you need to get rid of the air, and learn to abide by temperature
  5. center steel - k110, the hardness of 62 units side plates of damascus (stainless steel + carbon)
  6. Details on the website http://www.gregforge.com.ua/mosaic-blades-for-sale-2/
  7. Blades made of stainless damascus and from the mosaic
  8. Blade longseax "Twisted Snake" Blade length 660mm, width 36mm, thickness 7mm butt. Slight wedge to the tip, edge thickness of 1.5mm The edge of the carbon steel (carbon 1 percent) Hardened to 55 units HRC Price with shipment 850$
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