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  1. Kevin, I say finish the sword blade if you still have it lying around. The twists may be off, but, judging from the pictures, It still has an interesting contrast and flawed elegance that one could just call "character." Honestly, I could only hope my first attempt at a sword turns out even half as decent. Just my thoughts! Dan
  2. Thanks! That was my favorite part of the knife. as well. I think I got impatient with the blade, and that was my downfall.
  3. My first actual heat treated knife was a welcome home gift to my brother returning from kuwait. It was made with O1 Tool steel, with a Black Walnut and mild steel grip, along with a mystery wood spacer, possibly pine. Looking back, I cringe, looking at the blade to grip ratio. The grip is comfortable, but that tiny blade just looks out of place!
  4. Time to stalk back to the forge and get to work. It's probably going to take around 400 finished blades for me to be anywhere near as good! outstanding work Jasper, can't wait to see whats next!
  5. I love watching collaborations come to life! The combined imagination just makes it that much more meaningful. Can't wait to see more
  6. 1 George Ezell 2 Caleb Harris 3 Luke Shearer 4 Tyler Miller 5 Brad Adams 6 Brandon Buford 7 Pieter-Paul Derks 8 James Spurgeon 9 John Ellis 10 Miles Hebbard 11 Raymond Jewell 12 Kevin Hopkins 13 Gary T. 14 Josh A. Weston 15 Mike Desensi 16 Wes Detrick 17 John Cenotto 18 Daniel Johnson I think I'll throw my name into the Hat Got an idea for a kukhri of sorts, gonna work it out a bit.
  7. Got a 55 lb Martin longbow somewhere in storage. Now I wanna pull it out!
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! Isaac, I hope someday soon I will get a decent camera! My cell phone just doens't do the job. Yes, Karter, I posted it there originally in a little WIP. That was my thoughts as well, Alan. I felt I curled them a bit too tightly. Maybe somebody with little fingers won't have an issue, but I sure do. My next attempts will be a known steel like 1095 or something. I'm planning on reading up on it before ordering the steel. Thanks again guys for your kind words!
  9. Hey guys, been a while since I've posted anything. Rather busy it seems. Managed to forge this one out over christmas. Blade is 1084 steel, with a oiled hemlock grip (what happened to be available). The wrap on the handle is waxed thread. Still need to hone the edge a bit. Also, a couple mystery steel fire strikers i forged up in about half an hour. Thanks for looking, as always, advice and thoughts welcome!
  10. I've always had an interest in bladed weapons through a strange fascination with fantasy literature and early european history. It was through this that I found myself on Mad Dwarf Workshop's Website drooling over their blades. It was the discovery of David and Andy's Work that led me to begin researching the craft. Watching countless videos and reading a ton of articles on the internet, I knew I had to do this. Unfortunately, being a college student on an extremely limited budget, I've had to piece together my collection of supplies and tools over the last three years. So, Despite a rocky start, and a tiny 6x6 garden shed as a workshop storage, I'm officially hooked. I would actually like to thank the folks here for their great work that continues to serve as an inspiration to me, keeping me at it when the steel just doesnt want to cooporate.
  11. Totally agree with Stephen, If only I was on the other side of the big pond, I would jump at the opportunity!
  12. Sorry guys, I'm having to drop out of the KITH. Lots going on this summer thus far, with a ton of travel with the military, on top of preparing for school. I'm deeply regretful, but sometimes, life gets in the way...
  13. Good work Luke! I'm glad to see a new fire beard arise! Well deserved, for sure. I have something further to strive for!
  14. Looks like a great time to be had! nice pictures too, that is some green forest!
  15. I'm not suprised it sold so quickly, it is an awesome little whittler. Good work!
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