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  1. hello I have to sell tanto $ 300 reduction $150 steel W2 Nagas 27cm motohaba 29mm Kasane 6mm signed You can make copper habaki $50 and shirsaya $100 You can send all over the world shipping cost $50 ]
  2. so deliberately a little bending of the sword because as it toughens jet sori about 1cm and it's not enough
  3. steel W2 nagasa 27 3/4 "(70,5 cm) motohaba 32mm Kasane 6.6 mm sori 18mm sakihaba 25mm ready for further work
  4. marcin stal n8e niczego im nie mówi po amerykańsku nazywa się ona W1 albo W2 tak pozatym fajne noże
  5. hello Daniel I wanted to ask if you have already used your electric furnace, and the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the chamber?
  6. This unusual ability to do the sword! and certainly gives a lot of fun I really like, but fuhi seems to be little I love hamon suguha
  7. mune yaki is much but I did not picture I'd like a more polished finish in Japanese but I do not have the skills
  8. hello recently did a sword but I'm not happy with the finish it and I will try in future to make it better but let not umniem W1 steel 72cm nagas sori10mm mihaba 34mm kissaki 8cm
  9. but I am curious whether you're doing the final stage of polishing as shown in Walter Sorrells on your video do you own any other way cause even as I polished katana This stone, in 1500 I have a beautiful line Shinogi Latest firmware, but I do like polishing a paper in 2000 moving the blade from top to bottom then this line is rounded with you and these lines are very sharp and therefore I ask yet I wanted to congratulate the wonderful workshop
  10. amazing video and sword I would like to see more such I like the sharp lines Shinogi Can I ask how you are doing the final stage of polishing ?
  11. thank you very much for all for welcoming me to the forum Kevin is the science of polishing my hybrid polishing video Walter Sorrells Two years ago he sent a video to Poland so far my my quenching in water there are cracks willingly would buy steel from Aldo but the cost of transport to the Poland would be very high Mike very nice hamon I will show it yet
  12. it is a steel W1, W2, and the first picture in 1075 I always put out the water, hybrid polishing I use a sealant to fireplaces with heat-resistant cement thank you for your opinions and I am glad that I'm in this forum
  13. hello I'm new here and I wanted to show some of my hamon
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