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  1. It was a nasty twist. My bench is not bolted down and I weigh 155lbs....I twisted ......the billet resisted....I won in the end but it next time there will be big people there to help!
  2. Thanks for looking guys!
  3. Phil it's a Big Leaf Maple Burl. Not sure if I'm allowed to quote where I buy from on here. Thanks for the compliments guys! Happy New Year!
  4. Here is a different angle that shows off the Hamon a little better......Hamons are so unphotogenic?
  5. Sorry for the poor pic quality....Had to get into mail before I had a chance to get better ones.
  6. Kanji letters were sandblasted into blade by a local company and I tooled the leather. Thanks for looking and any feedback is welcomed.
  7. Just WOW! Nice clean work.
  8. DarrenRob


    That is a different idea and very well executed. Good on ya!
  9. That's looking good! Nice clean flow.
  10. I almost always take a corner off of my billets and forge the tip around. I think it looks cool if the pattern follows the blade edge. It also seems to satisfy my OCD! Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! YOU ROCK
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