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  1. It was a nasty twist. My bench is not bolted down and I weigh 155lbs....I twisted ......the billet resisted....I won in the end but it next time there will be big people there to help!
  2. Thanks for looking guys!
  3. Phil it's a Big Leaf Maple Burl. Not sure if I'm allowed to quote where I buy from on here. Thanks for the compliments guys! Happy New Year!
  4. Here is a different angle that shows off the Hamon a little better......Hamons are so unphotogenic?
  5. Sorry for the poor pic quality....Had to get into mail before I had a chance to get better ones.
  6. Kanji letters were sandblasted into blade by a local company and I tooled the leather. Thanks for looking and any feedback is welcomed.
  7. Just WOW! Nice clean work.
  8. DarrenRob


    That is a different idea and very well executed. Good on ya!
  9. That's looking good! Nice clean flow.
  10. I almost always take a corner off of my billets and forge the tip around. I think it looks cool if the pattern follows the blade edge. It also seems to satisfy my OCD! Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! YOU ROCK
  11. I took the blade to 2000 grit and then gave a couple or 3 quick etches in Ferric chloride. Cleaning oxides after each etch with 2000 grit and wd40. Then hand rubbed with auto-sol and cotton balls. Thanks for looking and the positive feedback guys!
  12. W2 Kitchen knife with Ebony and Black Ash burl, NS spacer
  13. I did not dye this one I bought it from Bad Dog Burls source in Belchertown Mass. The dyes are not supposed to fade, only time will tell.
  14. 1095 and nickel 201 in the blade. Nickel Silver guard, Dyed green Box Elder and Ebony in the handle.
  15. That has a nice flow to it....Awesome gift right there.
  16. Got the leather all done and a better pic of the blade after a bit of nitpicking.....by a bit I mean a lot. Sheath will double as horizontal or vertical carry first one like this I tried. Any thoughts welcomed.
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