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  1. That is a very beautiful knife.
  2. I hope someone knows, Good luck!!
  3. A beautiful knife. I like the sami and sami inspired works I have seen very much, but have not even attempted to try any aspect of it yet. your work looks wonderful.
  4. Two things I think are worth mentioning. both are safety related. If you are doing doing stock removal especially with stainless steels be sure to use an appropriate respirator, they off gas some carcinogens when ground or welded. Also I was specifically warned by another smith/engineering tech that used motor oil is also full of hazardous materials, new would be fine but not used. Just felt it should be mentioned have fun
  5. This looks very interesting, thanks for posting the WIP. I look forward to the whole project.
  6. very nice, thank you for showing it.!
  7. Great knife, and damascus. I am with others on the casting, it is daunting and inspiring. I look forward to the rest of this project. thanks for posting
  8. Mark Aspery goes into good detail in his book "mastering the fundamentals of blacksmithing Vol. 1". I just reread that part and clearly needed the reminder.
  9. Looks great!! May there be room for the flight of far flung arrows.
  10. I help teach a hammer making class in my local blacksmith guild, and the hammers we make are basic rounding hammers from square stock. The tools we use are a punch to make the whole, a drift to stretch it to size(but not to final size until faces are forged), tongs to hold the hammer through the eye and a hammer. in our class we work in coal forges so we can heat only the hammer face we want to work on. If I were to do this in a gas forge I would want be sure to use a water quenching steel so I could cool as needed. If you are planning on a more "Brazeal"(for lack of a better term) style ha
  11. I hope the Solstice was happy and the new year brings joy.
  12. I hope this is going well.?
  13. It is very nice. If you don't mind, is that how the handles were originally shaped or is that a personal preference?
  14. looks great. I look forward to seeing this come together.
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