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  1. I was just wondering is it better to mill the anvil flat on the top? or leave it a little curved as I have a piece of track I would like to use as my first anvil. Also I was wondering how hard it would be to shape a horn on a piece of track Rob
  2. Just wondering if you received my reply Rob
  3. Ok Corey I will take them let me know shipping and how to pay. Rob
  4. How much for the forging Damascus 1 and 2 shipped to L0E 1T0 Ontario Canada Rob
  5. I found an original Buffalo advertisement catalog with forge blowers in it and it advertised as a 47:1 gear ratio all the gears were helical cut really nice units.
  6. Bruce would it be at all possible to get some more detailed pictures of your forge thanks Rob
  7. Alan as much as I would love to visit your shop and measure your gears I would have to take a holiday to do so LOL! but thank you for the offer. I have updated my profile so you can see my location now. Bruce your small forge has got my mind spinning again and I think belt drive might be the better way to go for simplicity and function.
  8. I guess I will be changing the ratio then
  9. wow 30:1 didn't think that kind of rpm was needed especially when I see hairdryers providing enough cfm
  10. Here is a 2:1 ratio I can change it to whatever ratio needed
  11. That is what I was thinking a six sided hub with paddles attached. I have been working on the gears anyone know what ratio to go with? thank you Rob
  12. I will cut the hub for the impeller from the waste in the middle of the frame cut out just have to figure out design
  13. Ok here is the new design with the offset let me know what you think
  14. I have a cnc router in my shop that is why I am trying it out in wood. I honestly wish my 3d design skills where much better, would make my machine so much more useful. I really don't have the cash to buy right now or I would love to buy one of your kits they look great!
  15. I am aiming to make this hand crank just working through design out loud
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