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  1. Hi all, after long working, i am happy. Here the finished Seax. Ruggero
  2. Hi Guys, i just finished my seax. Last thing to do ist the schoulder belt. Ruggero
  3. And here the greased sheath. Ruggero
  4. The sheath is now carved and colored. Now she is wet. After the drying i will grease it. Then sche coms darker. Ruggero
  5. One side of the sheath is carved Ruggero
  6. Hi all, the seax is ready. Now i beginn withe the sheath carving. Ruggero
  7. Hi, i begin with the carving. Ruggero
  8. Hi guys, here the designs i carve the handle. At moment i not have the time to carve, so i beginn with the sheath Ruggero
  9. Hi Guys, the seax is now ready for handle carving
  10. Hi all, yesterday i grind the bevel edge. The seax its ready for hardening. I make it this evening. Ruggero
  11. Hi Guys, i begin to punch in the runes. If i finish with the runes, i etche the hole blade. Then i grinde the cutting edge. Ruggero
  12. Yes, i see the seax from Tod Cutler.Perfectl inlays. Very nice Beagnoth Seax. But my customer not have the money for a expensive reconstruction. So i make him a simply variation. Ruggero
  13. Hi all, i just begin my next custom seax. A long broken back seax. The blade is 500 mm long, 34mm high and 7.5 mm thick by the tang / 6 mm at the point. Steel is a C105 forged flat bar. The customer want punched vikink runes on the blade. So i prepared the blade, without cutting edge. So i can better pounch the runes in. For handle material he want yew and rendeer antler. Spacermaterial in not definded. Just at moment, he not now, if he want a silmly sheath, or a viking sheath reconstruction. This seax is just the simpler execution of this seax. The problem is the money. It was to cool to try to make 1: 1 version. Ruggero
  14. Hi Guys, this morning the customer becoms his seax. Sorry but i cant turn the pics Ruggero
  15. Hi all, i now, i now, its not my first broken back seax. The opening have the same widnes the broken back have. The draw its not correct. Rugegro Ruggero
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