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  1. Hi, here the knife with a simply sheath : [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  2. Hi Wes, here a traduction with google : Product information "Elforyn Remnants" Elforyn remaining stock at very low prices - daily worth it! Elforyn® is a high-quality processing of materials for production of components and works of art with ivory-like character and appearance. Elforyn® consists of a mixture of various mineral raw materials, integrated into a light stable resin component, thereby lasting color stability, no yellowing. Features of Elforyn® are: Excellent machinability like drilling, milling grinding and polishing. Low risk of breakage due to high E-modulus and homog
  3. Hi Guys, the knife is ready. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  4. Hi all, here one of my next projects. Spearpoint seax. Blade fom a forged file. 260mm long, 30mm high and 5mm thick. To grind. Handle from carvedunkown hardwood. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  5. Hi Guys, the blade is ready. With a grindstonepowder finish. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  6. Hi all, here a knife i make the same time i make my knife. The customer wants : Blade from C 105 with hamon, 110mm long 30mm high and 6.5mm thick. Handle from withe elforin with wrougt iron. The knife with the clay : [/img] After quenching : [/img] After 180 Grit : [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  7. Thaks Rob. To forgot the problems, i decided to work in my shop. Here the knife with the clay : [/img] After quenching : [/img] And after little grind : [/img] Ruggero
  8. No sorry, my father is just 1 week in the hospital with cancer. I not have the motivation to make knifes at the moment. Ruggero
  9. Hi all, after all the knife i make it, i want make my knife. I never make a knife for my self. Steel : C105. Total lenght 245mm X 20mm x 5.5mm by the ricasso. I want make a hamon. Handle : whale bone [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  10. Hi Alan, no i not have a handle. Ruggero
  11. Hi all, i found this old little blade at a market. The surface was very rought. I sand an etch the blade. And here the result. A sanmai / damascus blade. Maby meteorite ? The blade is 130mm x 20mm x 4mm [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  12. Hi Guys, thanks for your coments And Wes, i used this two backround stamps . [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  13. Hi Guys, the knife and sheath are finished. [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  14. Hi, i give a bit more color around the dragon and after i pressed the seath flat for the fittings. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Now i make the fittings. Ruggero
  15. HI, i painted the sheath with light brown colors. After waxing, the colors coms darker. And the sketch of the finished sheath, with brass fittings. wet : [/img] [/img] Dry : [/img] The sketch : [/img] Ruggero
  16. And her a better pic : [/img] Ruggero
  17. Hi all, i just carved the sheath : [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  18. Hi all, here a custom knife i make for a girl : Blade from 1095, 110mm long, 28mm high and 5mm thick. Handle from red heart wood, brass and kow bone spacers. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  19. And here the finished, carved knife : [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  20. Hi, i just finished the sheath and begin a bit carving on the handle. The rest of the carving i make, show at the medieval market. [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  21. Here the colored leather : [/img] Ruggero
  22. Hi Guys, here the last knife i make for the medieval market at 5 june. Blade from a file. Etched and polished surface. 130mm long, 27mm high and 4.5mm thick by the handle. Handle from red heard wood and brass. At the market i do carv the handle with a viking design. Leathersheath with carving. I make it with different red colors. [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  23. And with sheath : [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  24. Hi guys, here the next finished knife : Blade : 1.3505 with etched suface. 135mm long, 29mm high and 5.5mm htick by the handle. Handle from wrought iron and swiss pear wood. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Ruggero
  25. And here with sheath. Old printed cowleather. [/img] [/img] Ruggero
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