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  1. use a pair of verniers, open up all the way, check where you need to grind and take your time Josh
  2. dos servesas for favor! thats all i know, and it is probably spelled wrong
  3. 1084 is a fairly good steel to start on. For the handle i would say pin and epoxy it Josh
  4. I was waiting for somone to post a power hammer.... wasnt paying attention and 2 were posted! well i am starting to gather materials for my appalachian (rusty) hammer,cant decide on a name for it tho, either boe, luke, skeeter or bubba....
  5. is the wood a type of ironwood? mabe cocobolo?
  6. While i am happy with my main hammer that i use for everything from bladesmithing to blacksmithing, i am looking to get some newer hammers desegnated for each. So show me a picture of your favourite hammer! the one you use most, resort to for those tricky spots or is so worn out that you could use it as a swage! Josh ps. here is mine this is one of the five i ordered from Dancing Frog Forge, it is the rh diagonal pein
  7. i think a rawhide or sinew wrap right before the bolster would look good Josh
  8. im looking to get a start on some pattern welded steels other than cable, what do you have that is simple? Josh
  9. the best way to get them is a tree stand with a 45gal drum filled with meat cuts that has a lid and holes drilled in it attached to a big weight on the edge of a feild and wait...
  10. that wolf is about the average size, and ya, the coyotes here are aout the size of a rottie
  11. I spelt it wrong, it is spelled "maremma" thay are a dog used to protect sheep, about tke size of a really big golden retreiver untitled.bmp and that wolf is a about as big as ours, now imagine that a little smaller with a lot more attitude, that will run up to you and snatch your dog off its leash that is a brush wolf for you, that happened to a person in a town about 30km away from here, the dog was a jack russle... tho to hunt the wolves and coyotes some guys use 15-30 JRs and 3 wolfhounds. i prefer to bait from a tree stand where im safe, a 60lb draw bow can take one but the 30-06
  12. and my neibor down the road lost all 30 of his chickes in 1 night
  13. i bet that spider make a great crunch noise! and i have seen some bears around here, the big problem here is that the wolf and coyote populations are huge, there is a $50 bounty ber coyote and $100 per wolf, and now the populations are so big they are breeding and making somthing we call "brush wolves" the brush wolves are the size of a wolf and as bold as a coyote... a sheep farmer about 3miles from me lost his entire 300 sheep herd, only 5 of them had been eaten the rest were just killed, and they also killed hid 5 maramas... this happened over 5 days I invested in a new winchester 30-06
  14. so let me get this right... dose this add or remove carbon from the steel???
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