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  1. I really like this knife. The knife as a whole flows really well from handle to blade and looks very comfortable. I like the pattern on the blade in itself but feel a random pattern may have complimented that burl a little better. But that is just personnel taste, as you've already heard from an earlier post some love this combination as it sits and will say change nothing. At the end of it all, great work.
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone. With each knife I complete I feel my skill is improving. Lots of firsts for me on this. And I'm happy with how the sheath came out. Took longer, being only my third one but I'd rather go slow (very) than mess it up near completion.
  3. Actually I haven't done a lot of chopping with this wrap style. It was picked out when we were designing the knife. Do you have any examples of a better more comfortable cord wrap? Thanks for everyone's comments.
  4. It's been a very long time since I posted here, but I figured if share this one I just finished. It's khukri styled. Rough forged finish with a satin edge. Para cord wrap. OAL about 20". Sheath was a challenge but my hand stitching is coming along. This thing will not fall out its heavy so I wanted it to be very secure. Any comments are very welcome.
  5. I like them all. But my fav is the fighter. Well done on all. Having recently completed my 3rd sheath I have to comment on how clean and well finished yours are. Great work.
  6. From what I understand about 5160 water can be a bit too stressful, add to it the tempering cycle. I normally give it a couple rounds of tempering at 2 hours a round. I go s step further in the hard users by drawing back the temper in the spine to spring colour. There are alot of memebers here who have much more experience than myself. Do a bit of searching in the archives and I'm pretty sure you'll find some more about how people deal with the 5160.
  7. I am going to find myself looking at this again and again...and again. You've truly outdone yourself with this. Well done.
  8. Best wishes for your wife, hope she is feeling well soon. Looking forward to seeing updates but always family first. And For those slimy thieving ........ It's unfortunate that they weren't impaled by anything.
  9. I had the same problem with a little hidden tang I did as well. But the gap was much more noticeable than yours. So I did a wire wrap on both ends to try and hide it. Nice work on this knife!
  10. I must say Wieland you never disappoint. Each knife you post is so well finished and thought out. I'm with Rob on the butt-plate. It really rounds out the knife. But on top of the knife itself the presentation is very well done as well. Do you do all the photography yourself. It looks very professional. As do the rest of the photos of your work on you site.
  11. Nice work so far. There's a lot of pounding in that blade so far. And what looks like a lot of filing in your future. This exercise in sword making is very much like physical exercise..... But you normally see results sooner making knives and swords. Keep up the good work.
  12. I like it. But I've got a question for you too. I see the grind runs almost in a straight line as opposed to following the curve of the blade. Was this easier to do? I've got a kuhkri on the bench as we speak and I'm curious about how that grind worked out for you.
  13. I've got one of those on my bench too. I like the ball peen idea. They are fun to forge. Nice work on it
  14. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll design a knife with a heated handle to go with the heated boots up here. And for the steel I'm gunna try out W1. I'd like to try my hand at a Hamon.
  15. And of course in me haste to post I didn't attach the sketch. Here goes.
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