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  1. What a fantastic blade John. I know this is not easy and that looks perfect. Really looking forward to seeing this knife come to life.
  2. Fantastic tutorial, thanks for sharing Josh.
  3. You have got this far wonderfully, I get the feeling you have the eye of the tiger....I am certain there is no stopping you now. Looks really great. Best of luck on the quench.
  4. Thanks John and Zeb. I gave it to a friend the other day.
  5. But look I do Alan. I have become an Addict. But seriously... what a fantastic idea.
  6. Thanks Gary that is a good idea and would look great. I feel a plan coming together.
  7. Hey Guys, I was given this Warthog Tusk and want to put it to good use. As it is not the sort of material I will probably ever come by again I don’t want to waste it. Only thing is it has me stumped how best to use it in a handle. I have seen some Warthog tusk handles online were they have just made a blade and fitted it to the tusk pretty much as is but I honestly don’t really like that and don’t think it would be nice to hold or use. I am totally open to and welcome any suggestions.
  8. Wonderful. Love that small pig.
  9. Hi Brian, Not sure what is best to compare it to as other than canned tuna and sardines the only fish i eat is if I am lucky enough to catch a local one. The flesh is very white and flakey when cooked. Perfect for crumb or batter.
  10. Thanks Chris. Well after the final test filleting the Barra I am calling this a great success for me. It held it's edge very well and easily filleted the fish as well as skinning the fillet. It has the right amount of flex for me too and was great deboning chickens as I found the tip got right in when cutting through the wing, hip and leg joints. As always I can see areas I can improve on but for a knife I intend to put to good use I am happy. For those interested this knife was 1075. I forged as close as I could to final thickness and heat treated at just under 2mm and ground the bevels after. Final thickness of 1.5mm at the handle tapering to the tip. I tempered at 220C for 3 x 1 hour cycles.
  11. Wonderful work Zeb. I know this will be great.
  12. Went out and caught 3 Barra. And kept a 66cm one for dinner. I also get to test my new knife.
  13. What a wonderful pattern on that blade, very nice.
  14. I agree, it is actually very addictive...I am going to have to send the link to my work computer. He or she is awake now.
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