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  1. A fighter with a twist

    Thanks for the feedback fellas. Josh.. I liked the saddle saying Sometimes I like to make something that takes every bit of my ability (but that is tiring and always takese ages) and then i sometimes just like to make rough working blades and then i somtimes like to experiment with new concepts such as this but It realy is hard to come up with something new and different that works. To be honest I dont think I would make this sort of thing again and I really appreciate the feedback. I have been thinking of making a door knocker and reakon i will save the twists for that project haha On that note if anyone has made a door knocker i would love to see it
  2. WIP Rapier hanger and scabbard

  3. Bowie Sheath

    Just saw this. Thats a cracker Josh...love it
  4. How bout another bowie WIP?

    Love it Zeb
  5. Having Some Fun with Damascus

    Lovely work Gary. If I could forge a patern lke that and make bowies with croc skin sheaths up here i would be a millionaire
  6. Many many thanks to everyone

    Great setup Tim . Wow your forge is 100 better than my rough as guts chook show. Look forward to seeing your work
  7. A fighter with a twist

    Thanks Clif and Vern for the feedback. Vern i am a bit in agreeance about fingers through loops too. I have been having fun spinning it like a gunslinger though but can see this ending in sorrow if i dont stop it
  8. Bush kitchen

    I forged some rugged knives for camp kitchen tasks etc Leaf spring and micarta I made a sheath for the chopper as it would also be handy in the field. This was good practice for forging thin blades from rough cut spring. Boner pic is with stock from spring the same size it was forged from.
  9. A fighter with a twist

    Hi guys, I forged this blade a while ago wanting to try something different and have been mulling over whether I liked it or not or if it works until I finaly decided to complete it. It has 3 grips with the reverse grip feeling decevingly comfortable in the hand. Anyhow thought I would post it and see what you think...like it or lump it i would be curious to know as I am still undecided. Ps. Knife is bigger than it looks as I have xlarge hands haha
  10. Viking-style bearded axe

    Looks cool.... and sharp
  11. Groomsmen tanto

    Very nice
  12. Dragon Seax

    Fantastic work Ron. Love the carving and leatherwork esp
  13. First axe fo a while

    Hi Chris 1.5 inch from hex edge to hex edge if that makes sense. I jave made nice pipe hawks from the smaller hex drilling rods
  14. First Integral Chef

    Amazing work Caleb.boy your work keeps getting better and better.
  15. From Katana to Cutlass

    Thanks Caleb. And Josh it is the encouragement and feedback along the way from you guys that keeps the wind in my sails. Even when they have to be stitched up along the way. Hey just got news last night my mum has taken very ill so here i sit at an airport across the other side of the country waiting for a small conecting flight to visit her in hospital.