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  1. It sure does Alan, I was doing some chops with it and I feel it would also slash very well too. I just checked out some of those old time whale harpoons. Boy they had some nasty looking heads. I was surprised how wide some were.
  2. Thanks fellas, I cut a good long solid shaft. I am 6’ 4” and the tip of the spear is the height of the top of my fingers when held straight up. Feels like a formidable weapon. Anyhow some more fun at the forge today playing with sockets. Harpoon head and boning knife. Boning knife heat treated but I have yet to do final grind and clean up.
  3. I like this too. I am working on a socket harpoon head/ knife as we speak. Surprising how comfortable in the hand a socket handle is. James Helm worked this one out ages ago haha
  4. Carvings looking awesome Zeb
  5. Yes we do Josh and I am one of them haha This flying fox met a grizzly end. The tide can range from . 5 of a meter to 8 meters. They roost in the mangroves and when the tide is high they are within reach. They can have a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters.
  6. Thanks Alan. Better to have it and not need it than need It and not have It. Got a few people wanting harpoon heads so that will be a project soon.
  7. Forged this one up from an oversized horse rasp our farrier uses on the heavy horses. by no means fancy but will serve its purpose. With a long handle it will stay in my boat.....just in case!!
  8. That’s wonderful Josh. It does look like paradise. Great wildlife in your backyard.
  9. Well here it is all finished. Had some challenges but I learnt heaps and am overall happy with the result. I will be taking Chris’s advice and get some finer carving tools.
  10. No offence taken and I appreciate the advice. Will look that up Chris. Thanks.Did some test clean up with sandpaper so will see how it comes up.
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