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  1. Thanks Alan, I would love the privilege to watch and photograph your bald eagles.I think what a lion is to the jungle they are to the sky. We have ospreys here too but not sure if they are the same. Thanks Doug. we have another fish bird of prey called a Brahmin Kite and it has a white head too. I was playing around in Lightroom with black and white images. To me some images just look a bit better in black and white.
  2. Here are some pics I took of a White Bellied Sea Eagle. I absolutely love birds of prey and especially these birds.
  3. Hi Jennifer, While I know of blades such as the Burmese Dha and some Gladius having round handles I also prefer an oval cross section in relation to indexing the blade in a cut. In a stabbing/thrusting action I feel it does not matter so much but in chopping/slashing an oval, squarish or tear drop cross section feels better to me too though a curved blade (even with a round handle) seems to naturally index in the swing to some degree. That being said this blade is straight and to answer your question about this blade, I have done some test cutting on some golden cane palms and while I am sure an oval cross section would feel better slashing I did not have issue with edge alignment during the cuts though I am no martial artist and was conscious of the edge alignment.
  4. Really well done Chris. Your efforts have paid off....only thing....... a nice knife like that needs a sheath
  5. I am really really enjoying this Josh. You have actually just inspired me to put down my beer and go create. Look forward to seeing more. Great stuff.
  6. Right....here I go again. So it begins. blade oiled, wrapped in cling wrap and then taped. Leather cut to rough size before soaking in water for about 10 min and then wet leather formed to blade before clamping and leaving to dry in my 90% humidity hot humid hell climate. Now to do a design.
  7. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the compliments and feedback. The first part of the handle is round and the second part is also round but slightly flared. It feels secure in a swing/ chop action due to the flare but I was a bit concerned how it would be stabbing with resistance ( I know a lot of people worry about no guard on stabbing blades) so I tried stabbing into solid things including a stump and the grip was easily secure enough to hold on to though with the blade geometry I feel there would be very little resistance at all on a flesh target. That being said It is a very basic handle shape and I have made handles that are more comfortable to hold though I feel it is fit for purpose and pleasant enough and secure in the hand. If however I had to choose a handle material solely for practicality on this type of blade I personally would choose an oval shape with stacked leather every time. Speaking of tools....If I could choose 2 tools tomorrow that would make my life so much easier and speed things up they would be a belt grinder and bandsaw.
  8. Hi Jennifer, I recorded the time spent in cartons of beer. I honestly lost track of the total time spent but the blade took about 4 hours to forge. Then there was finishing with draw files and hand sanding which took hours (I have to get a proper grinder as It will reduce so much time here) The handle carvings probably about 4 hours to carve once I worked out the design. Making fittings and fitting them took ages too and is my least favourite part. As this is not my job I work on my projects any chance I get and I just loose track of time but I do know it is not worth my while to sell things as My hourly rate would be peanuts.
  9. Hi Chris, I started out with about 11cm of blade about 4mm thick and about 15mm wide. Finished knife is 19cm OAL with a 8cm blade 3 mm thick with a tapered blade and tang from where the bolster is. Traditionally the handle should be about the width of your hand (or whoever you may be making it for) I stretched mine out to about 15 cm to allow enough to pein over. good luck and looking forward to seeing it come to life.
  10. That’s a great little knife Chris and nicely finished off too.
  11. Looks great Chris. Most of mine have drawn first blood too.
  12. Great work Kevin. Your two firsts leave mine to shame. What’s next?
  13. Thank you all. Alex, To finish the handle after I shaped it I just hand sanded it to a 800 grit and then put leather dressing on and just burnished it with a piece of smooth dear antler. It really is a simple handle that feels good in the hand and is durable. That’s why I like them so much. Also great as it uses up odd shaped scrap leather bits too. Also when I stack it I epoxy each piece. Oh..I didn’t stain the handle only the pouch. it just darkened up with the dressing but stain works great too. Black looks great on a dagger.
  14. Here are the finished pics I took today when it was not raining. I really enjoyed this build and will be making more such blades. Now..onto a Seax sheath.
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