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  1. Photos from an Elk hunt

    Wow Awsome pics great animal too. Goose season starts here in 2 days so I will be out and about. Lovely area you have to hunt. P.s I like the ramblings CC
  2. Hawk

    So happy it finally got to you and you are happy. Looking forward to seeing it all finished
  3. First axe fo a while

    Hi Wes I hardened the whole head because i wanted the hammer end hard too. I then tempered the head in the oven but then after that i got the blow torch and heated just around the eye and down the blade a bit to bring that temper back more in those parts while still leaving edge and hammer hard so thats why it has that kind of blue look in the pic.
  4. First axe fo a while

    Here is a hunting axe i made for my bowhunting treks. Forged from a big old hex crowbar. Slotted and drifted eye and hardened hammer poll. I killed an ironwood tree about 18mnths ago and left it dry standing as it was. I cut the handle from this tree...awsome very hard wood which i will use for some butcher knife handles too. Will post some finished pics soon.
  5. Lessons learned

    Agreed. Nice work
  6. A Battle of Two Wolves. WIP

    Thanks fellas. Went a bit arty farty for a while but feel happy to be back punishing steel.
  7. A Battle of Two Wolves. WIP

    Thanks Jim and Wes looking forward to looking at what you guys have been making lately on this forum in my absence ..always gets me inspired.
  8. Photos and Paintings

    Hi fellas thanks for the feedback. I started taking the photos to paint from but kind og got a bit addicted to the photography..esp birds in flight The good thing about photography is that no matter your intrest you can always photograph it..so it fits in eith any intrest too.if that makes sense. Hand is as healed as it will get just some feeling loss lucky it was left hand.
  9. Photos and Paintings

    In my absence from the forum and forge while my hand healed I have been venturing out amongst the swamps taking some wildlife photos and then painting from my photos. Here are some examples Rob
  10. A Battle of Two Wolves. WIP

    Well I finaly got arround to finishing this for Terry and sent it off today. Got some scale build up during heat treat which when cleaned up a bit but I think it added some aged rustic appearance. Anyhow its on its way. Looking forward to seeing it finished off. Since my hand injury I have been away from the forge doing some painting and wildlife photography and will post up some pics in photography soon. However..the forge has called me back and while i am a bit slower and dont grip the tongs as well i made myself a hunting hawk which i will also post soon. Good to be back Rob
  11. Angle Grinder vs Leg - who wins? Graphic!

    Wow mate, no good there, that's a nasty one. All the best and good luck with surgery.
  12. Pipe Hawk - A heavy Hitter

    Hi Chris, I got the handle from Dulap Woodcrafts in USA and made a drift as close as I could to the dimensions he gave on his site. Thanks Kevin, really appreciate the feedback.
  13. MURRAY

    Hi Clifford, I am not 100% sure but I think it was a snake. He was fine in the morning and stone cold when I got home 8 hrs later. Had some blood from his nostril and that was it. No sign of thrashing about. Looked like he just layed down. Got some very nasty snakes where I live.
  14. MURRAY

  15. MURRAY

    Here are some pics of a WIP of a painting I just finished of my great old Clydesdale who died a while back. I was never a great fan of horses but he changed my mind forever. He is also the inspiration behind Workhorse Forge and my makers mark. Been going mad with not being able to to forge or use my left hand so I have been hitting the brushes.