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  1. Hi Josh. It is a Mertens Water Monitor Lizard. Endangered now due to the introduction of the cane toad. Here is another pic
  2. Hi Josh . Nothing special.just been making some cold chisels, punches and tongs
  3. Hi Guys. I have been out and away in the wild places and thought I would like to share some photos. Would love to see any wildlife pics from your area and know what gear you use. I use a Canon 7D mkii and 80D and Tamron 150-600mm lens
  4. Thanks everybody for the feedback and welcome backs. I have mostly been making tools and things I have been using myself.
  5. I have not been here for a while. Just conducted some testing on this rough brute before a handle goes. 5160 E5FCA045-C920-4AB5-B500-4357892B9798.MOV
  6. Hi Josh About the size of a crow. Cc those kookaburras are the southern kind and have a different laugh. Ours are northern blue winged kookaburra and make a crazy screaching hooting kind of noise.will try to find a link
  7. Nice looking bird that kingfisher. Yes they are just a very big kingfisher and really predatory. .very good at killing snakes too. We also have some little kingfishers too
  8. Hi guys Here is a pic of a blue winged kookaburra i took the other day in my backyard. This one is a female...the male has a blue tail but he is very secretive
  9. Be more than proud to have that in my camp....only problem is it is too nice and i would be afraid to get it dirty. Great work!
  10. Wow Ron your leathet work is something else...fantastic work
  11. Good stuff. Keep going man. Looks a lot nicer than my 6th knife. I have always loved working knives esp from my younger hunting days...spent heaps of my hard earned money on em .... but for me anyway.....once I started making them i just could never bring myself to buy another one. The beauty of this craft is once the basics of a good heat treat are learnt the sky is the limit and if you want it bad enough you can make it yourself. Look forward to seeing your 7th
  12. Love it James and I do agree with Joshua about that last pic.
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