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  1. If you can forge this you can forge anything. Great work!
  2. Wonderful! That wood is awesome and you sure do it justice Gary.
  3. Nothing fancy but It feels quite practical. My friend is leaving the Northern Territory for greener pastures where instead of buffalo and boar he will be hunting deer, goats etc I made this as a parting gift. hope It serves him well. 1075 and antler.
  4. Ah James....you just made my day. My thoughts as I was scrolling down....... first pic...that looks very cool and also looks like a fair size. then that pic of you holding it.....bloody hell!!!!! That was a lot bigger than I thought but that last hitchhiking pic did I for me...Hahahaha no wonder the streets look deserted great work man
  5. That looks awesome Josh. If you ever come for a visit the beer and pizza will flow but you won’t need to buy a thing.
  6. Great stuff Zeb. Looks great. You did a wonderful job.
  7. Just looked at your link....This is some really amazing authentic looking work. Would love to see a WIP if you ever do one.
  8. Thanks Josh, It is a good fun forging project. Esp when you need a break from pining and gluing handles . I know you would get it once you started. I started on arrow heads as just a quick practice. That being said.... I am only posting the ones that worked out. My graveyard of broken dreams has more than a few crumpled sockets.
  9. Thanks fellas, I forged another Socket up today and took a couple of pics which may assist my drawings.
  10. Hi Brian, My knot tying skills are too limited for such a knot. I come from the “ If ya can’t tie knots... tie lots” club. That being said I agree it would be a good addition. Thanks Dan, I did not coat the paracord as he might want to use it but if I was making this again I would coat it in epoxy.
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