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  1. Wow Robert, that middle one blows my mind. Great to see where you started too. Hi Paul, I have no doubt your work will only get better. You sure seem to be able to pull off nice welds. Look forward to seeing more. Hi Jeff, Thanks for posting. I love that top knife. What’s that handle?
  2. Wow. You could get a kayak for that and give it a go yourself. That being said I am not sure where you are and what waters and if a kayak would be appropriate. I sure can’t use one where I am.
  3. Incredible work. Your video was inspiring, educational and also very well done and the end product is just wonderfull. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Bummer about that catfish Brian M and Brian D, that’s micro fishing but it’s still fishing!!
  5. Nice work Bob. Something like that is on my to do list as well.
  6. You don’t need a fishing story!!!! I have not heard of such a boat before but it sure flys. What a lovely looking river too. I am taking my son out fishing tomorrow.
  7. Wonderful place. Would love to try fly fishing.
  8. If you guys lived closer I would do you up a fish feast and try my hardest to find Gerald a large snake or crocodile. Now I’m getting hungry! There sits the mighty “Silver Catfish” an I be her Captain! A cod I did not get to eat. There is always a bigger fish!
  9. Hi guys. Just had dinner. There is something that’s just cool about putting food on your table that you caught and cooked yourself.
  10. Went out near home fishing today. The boat ramp is 25 mins from home. Trolled for 3 hours with nothing and the day seemed to be a fizzer. I was on my own and was trolling 2 rods and trying to cast into snags with a third rod. I was getting tangled and snagged until I decided to stop trying everything and make a decision on one thing and stick to it. I put a little lure on and started just casting the to every nook and cranny and started catching fish. Just another case of less is more. Ended up with 1 Barramundi, 1 Mangrove Jack, 2 pikey bream and ab
  11. Well that’s just fantastic. The inlay looks wonderful.
  12. looking forward to seeing more as I get the feeling this will be another great opportunity to learn. I have not tried the clamping straight after quench but will be definitely giving that a go soon.
  13. Very nice Jake. Elegant comes to mind.
  14. Finished. Just got to add some leather straps. Thanks for the feedback and advice along the way.
  15. Wonderful work Emiliano. Thanks for sharing your process and the tools you used.I love a good WIP and this is a fantastic one.
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