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  1. Thanks Gerhard, I have seen similar ones too. the tang looks quite thin so I am not sure how it would hold up to any hard work
  2. Thank you, greatly appreciated. I have a bloke wanting to buy it and I have no idea what to ask. Don’t want to rip him or myself off
  3. Hi Guys, I came into possession of this knife but really can’t find any information about it. It has a 12 inch blade deer antler handle with leather spacers and has a brand name of Eurocut and is stamped Solingen Germany. Any information would be appreciated, Rob
  4. Congratulations Josh. Well deserved. Beautiful work.
  5. Here is the Claymore finally finished
  6. Thanks AJ, very much appreciated Thanks Ron, I thing I will do a leather wrap on this one but you did get me thinking
  7. Thanks Josh, much appreciated Thank you Alan. Yes..I felt quite the warrior with my vanquished foe at my feet. Never too late to finish a project Any advice on POB for this type of sword? I have it about 5 in from the guard at the moment Thanks KT
  8. The guard turned out so much more difficult than I planned. Here it is so far, I have a lot of work cleaning up the blade, guard and completing the pommel, handle etc but Things are coming together.
  9. Hello Friends, it has been a long time but for me everything goes around in cycles and I have returned home again. This story continues where it left off after a storm knocked over a Banana tree and I could not find my machete to cut it off. I went to my shed and felt something calling me to a dust covers shelf and there she was! Rusty and dusty but there. I thought ….I have just the job for you. Well after a semi blunt unfinished blade sliced through the trunk like it was not there a fire was lit inside me and this project must be finished.
  10. Well, like with so many of my projects this one has been patiently maturing and rusting. I progressed the guard a bit but have many file strokes to go. This was more difficult than I had planned.
  11. That’s a really neat little knife Josh and I really like your carving. It looks authentic.
  12. I tried a link from my Twitter. Works!!! first time I’ve done that
  13. Sorry Garry, not working. Not sure how to upload a video it seems. Was nothing too important. Just edge and heat treat testing
  14. Ready for work. Nothing fancy but fit for purpose and a fun rewarding useful project to undertake.
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