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  1. Hi Guys, I have not been forging for a bit as I have been concentrating on my Wildlife Photography but I needed an axe for camp fires so I forged this up yesterday and handled it today. Farriers Rasp and cross cut saw bit. Hope you guys are all safe. Rob
  2. Really nice work Josh
  3. A knife should be like a good set of leather boxing gloves... gets better with use. I love the look of a natural patina on a well cared for carbon steel blade.
  4. Thanks fellas, I hope they serve him well. No bells and whistles but If I made them too fancy he would never use them haha
  5. 3 is the number thou shalt count! been busy with some wildlife photography But made these for a friend just because I can...
  6. Wonderfull Bob I am a huge fan of clamping after the quench too. Wonderful work Bob
  7. Forged up a set of knives for a good friend who did me a great kindness. I used an old flatter I found in an antique shop. I put the dodgy handle on.
  8. Wonderful stuff Bjorn, as nice as I have ever seen. Though....that big one....you cold make it bigger!
  9. Forged and heat treated this today. Nothing fancy but been wanting to make a big kitchen knife for a while. Here it is so far. Blade is 14 inch from oversized rasps the Farrier uses on the heavy horses. Woke Smaug up for this one.
  10. Wonderful work Patrick. No wonder you’re client was happy.
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