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  1. Forged up a set of knives for a good friend who did me a great kindness. I used an old flatter I found in an antique shop. I put the dodgy handle on.
  2. Wonderful stuff Bjorn, as nice as I have ever seen. Though....that big one....you cold make it bigger!
  3. Forged and heat treated this today. Nothing fancy but been wanting to make a big kitchen knife for a while. Here it is so far. Blade is 14 inch from oversized rasps the Farrier uses on the heavy horses. Woke Smaug up for this one.
  4. Wonderful work Patrick. No wonder you’re client was happy.
  5. Went into the chainsaw shop to get a small flat file and saw this. Very cool.
  6. Here is a bit more progress on the guard and how things will fit together. I still have to work out a collar.
  7. Finished product is beautiful fellas and fantastic photography
  8. Great project Brian. Looking forward to seeing that pattern!
  9. Hi Alan, I have been further pondering about this. As I was able to get the whole blade to a nice straw doing this (with guesswork) but was very cautious not to overheat as I did not know the retained temp of the bricks. Perhaps in future blades if I fire the forge and get it up to heat and then shut it off and get an infrared thermometer and monitor how long it takes to get the bricks to cool to the correct temper heat and how long they hold at that heat, I should be able to work out a reasonably accurate way to temper long blades and be able to do repeat cycles.
  10. Good to see you back and good luck with the new venture. I respect the bee... the world needs more bees.
  11. Hi Brian, I was worried about this too but it turned out to not be a problem. As the floor of the forge was full length flat firebricks and long enough for the whole blade I was able to lay it flat and flip it without bending it to get an even heat throughout. I only slid it back and forth about an inch to avoid hotspots directly under the burners. when the time came to take it out to normalise x3 then quench I just flipped it on its edge and slid it out using a pair of tongs for mid support as you suggested. I think a horizontal forge that was shorter th
  12. I have finished the temper and now moving on to cleaning the fullers before final grinding then sandpaper. So still a long way to go but I have no rush or deadline so I am just enjoying the process. For those interested in how I ended up tempering this blade- After I got a full straw temper from the residual heat in the heat bricks I utilised the flat bar welded to my vise (that I clamped the blade in after the quench ) and opened it up so that just the edges were sitting on the flat bar. I then worked my way along the centre of the blade with a p
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