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  1. Well, like with so many of my projects this one has been patiently maturing and rusting. I progressed the guard a bit but have many file strokes to go. This was more difficult than I had planned.
  2. That’s a really neat little knife Josh and I really like your carving. It looks authentic.
  3. I tried a link from my Twitter. Works!!! first time I’ve done that
  4. Sorry Garry, not working. Not sure how to upload a video it seems. Was nothing too important. Just edge and heat treat testing
  5. Ready for work. Nothing fancy but fit for purpose and a fun rewarding useful project to undertake.
  6. Image 9,10,11,12 I then spread the blade out and forge to shape being careful to keep the eye and things trued up as I go. This is where you can make the shape of axe you like Then a clean up and profile with the good old flap disk and ready for heat treat. For my heat treat of this hatchet head - I normalise 3 x times and then quench in pre heated canola oil. I test for hardness with the file. I then temper this by heating the eye with my propane torch until the eye turns blue and then slowly heat further down the blade until the
  7. HAHAH Josh of course it will work for you as I am also one of those ones who has tried and failed and failed and tried but kept trying till I started getting more successes than fails.
  8. Image 4 To make things just a bit easier I clamp the insert/bit of HC in place on one end of the rasp and tack it in place. I also sprinkle some borax between the plate and rasp before I weld it in place . It is not needed but it does not hurt and I get good welds. I do this because when I heat the rasp and bend it in place I don't have to worry about the HC bit falling out or moving. (This is not needed though and I have done this many times without the welding of the bit.) Images 5 To start with, I heat the rasp and then fold it around the make
  9. Hello All, This thread is aimed at members who are interested in making their first folded axe but have been putting off giving it a go. This is a quick no fuss but very functional hatchet, small axe, tomahawk etc which does not require a lot of fancy equipment or difficult techniques to master. For anyone else who wishes to go into much more depth the below 2 tutorials from Gerald and Alan are in my opinion as good as it gets and have been invaluable reference for my own development. http://www.geraldboggs.com/Axe_article.pdf and
  10. Sorry Larry for not replying sooner. I rarely make anything to sell mate but I am putting up a tutorial for a quick and easy axe you should give a go. It handled this dry stump no worries
  11. Congratulations Josh, wonderful work and great photo.
  12. Thanks fellas, I have a couple of unfinished surface rusting projects I need to get back to. Jerrod, I did make this one as big as I could fit in my forge. Ended up tipping it sideways to fit in.
  13. Thanks guys, Hi Doug, I do grind the teeth off the inside.
  14. Hi Guys, I have not been forging for a bit as I have been concentrating on my Wildlife Photography but I needed an axe for camp fires so I forged this up yesterday and handled it today. Farriers Rasp and saw bit. Hope you guys are all safe. Rob
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