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  1. Thanks very much. Now I hope I can pull of a fitting sheath. I will be drawing on the info Josh posted in tooling leather. Just got to make a few more tools.
  2. Thanks guys appreciate your comments. Zeb the specs - OAL 55cm. Blade 40 cm length 2.5 cm wide at the base. 6mm thick at the base and 7mm thick at the break. pob - 4cm from guard.
  3. Finished pics. Oh...and sorry, my wife beat me to that pumpkin.
  4. Well I decided on a raven theme for this knife. I can imagine this type of knife could have been used as an instrument of death. Possibly owned by an archer to finish off not only wounded game but also those left dying on the field after an epic battle. I thought that ravens were very fitting and also fitted in with the dark horn handle. I found the horn a nightmare to try to carve as it was kind of stringy and wanted to tear in strips if that makes sense. I ended up using both the dremel and some chisels and gouge I made to cut the outline of the ravens. I also sometimes struggle with the concept of more is less and decided not to overdo things on the bronze rings and opted for simple grooves. On the pommel I decided on a bow and arrow and my initials in runes which I used my home made graver to do. I find it is better for fine work than a dremel and now prefer it though I need much more practice. once I had cut in the ravens I found that while visible I wanted them to stand out more so I rubbed some acrylic paint in the grooves and then sanded it back and then coated it all with 4 coats of Tru Oil. My leather has arrived so I will be working on the sheath for this and my Seax next. Finished pics to follow.
  5. Sometimes a project needs time to age like a Good bottle of rum. In any case I have no doubt it will be very good Gary.
  6. This is great too. Going to use these techniques on my next fillet knife. Thanks fellas
  7. Handle glued up. Now just need to pien the tang and then work out the carving/engraving. This is an interesting build as just about everything I initially pictured in my head has slightly changed. Feels like this blade is telling me what it wants to be. i ended up giving the rear of the handle a bit more swell as it feels so much better and secure. With the handle on it has a nasty feel and with the thick spine it will be a fantastic stabber but I also get the feeling it will slice just as good.
  8. Good start and some good advice above too. Look forward to seeing them finished.
  9. Wonderful idea and it really looks classy too.
  10. Wow Dave, That brought a tear to my eye. You have done your father proud. Not only is it the most wonderful sentiment and executed in a way that shows the respect you have for your dad but also the wonderful work put in the making of that ship and the attention to detail. I lost my father when I was 3 and my mother around the same time as your dad so this really touched me. Best thread. Much respect, Rob
  11. I decided on a bronze spacer in the middle too and I thought I would sandwich the bronze pieces with thin copper spaces and have the bronze slightly countersunk and perhaps some kind of carving/engraving on the bronze as well as the horn. Here is a rough fit up. Still got 4 more spacers to make and the end cap.
  12. Not sure how I missed this I seem to go straight to new work and often overlook the pinned.This is absolutely fantastic work. I so agree that is better than the original and I think the original is awesome.
  13. Hi Alex, yes I will put a spacer but am still deciding on what but I think it will be Bronze too. Josh and Clifford..yes..That pumpkins got it coming!
  14. Thanks Josh...Shine on you crazy diamond! I did some shenanigans with some of the materials I have at hand ( horn, bronze and copper) and feel it is coming together though nothing is set in stone. Still got to make copper spacers to fit between things and I will reassess how it looks This is my least favourite bit but once done I can get on to some carving. oh. When I’m done I think I will kill that pumpkin.
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