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  1. Great stuff Zeb. Looks great. You did a wonderful job.
  2. Just looked at your link....This is some really amazing authentic looking work. Would love to see a WIP if you ever do one.
  3. Thanks Josh, It is a good fun forging project. Esp when you need a break from pining and gluing handles . I know you would get it once you started. I started on arrow heads as just a quick practice. That being said.... I am only posting the ones that worked out. My graveyard of broken dreams has more than a few crumpled sockets.
  4. Thanks fellas, I forged another Socket up today and took a couple of pics which may assist my drawings.
  5. Hi Brian, My knot tying skills are too limited for such a knot. I come from the “ If ya can’t tie knots... tie lots” club. That being said I agree it would be a good addition. Thanks Dan, I did not coat the paracord as he might want to use it but if I was making this again I would coat it in epoxy.
  6. I made this knife for a friend who gets out pig hunting. He wanted something he could stick a pig with and chop out a jaw and also fit on a pole. Nothing fancy as it will get hard work. This is what I came up with. I left the socket open a bit more so that it would be easy to remove the wood if the pole was to snap inside the socket. It is nice and strong at the handle blade junction. I slipped it between the floor boards and tried bending. Was slight flex but it felt like the board would give first.
  7. That looks cool. Love the skull. How big is it?
  8. I had not considered that Bob. I could colour the epoxy black and do that for sure. The horn cap is a friction fit so I can remove it and run a brush through.I am always looking to fine tune things. Worked well for that size fish Bill, I have a longer knife for bigger fish. Be great for breaking down chickens. Going to give a closed socket a go soon. Will start with a couple of arrowheads I think.
  9. Thanks fellas but sorry to disappoint. I did not close the socket on this. Here is pic of other side. Just ate that fish. Awesome
  10. Thanks guys, Caught a nice Mangrove Jack for tonight’s dinner so I will give it a test out. one of my favourite eating fish.
  11. No worries Chris, you can forge weld the socket closed if you overlap the slit. A pattern welded spearhead is on my list and I plan to do that.
  12. Sorry Chris, hope these dodgy pics help. next one Brian
  13. Hi Guys, Thought I would post this WIP I did of a spearhead a while back for those who may not have done this before and might be interested in giving it a go. The same process for the rolled socket can be used for arrowheads, garden tools, knives etc etc. I started with a piece of leaf spring and first forged a bit of a waist with a tool I made. A pic of it is in my “WIP A Sword At Last” thread. I used it to forge the fuller in the that sword and it still comes in handy. Then with a cross pein I spread the metal and flared the socket. I do alternating heats where one will be hammering with the cross pein and the next is flattening out the dents and spreading the steel. Oh.. I make a paper template first so I know how much flare I need at the end to make the socket size I am after .. if that makes sense. and with some careful taps rolled it in to the socket. I made a tapered mandrill of sorts to insert in the socket to true it up once rolled. It may look daunting but once you give it a go you will see it’s not too hard. Once the socket was forged I went to work on forging the blade out. Once the blade is forged I do a couple of heats just to line everything up. This is not the only or best way to do this but it has worked well for me.
  14. I have to do some housework first mate! Hi Oberu, it is all the one piece of rasp. I forge and roll the socket first then draw out the blade. I am enjoying this kind of blade as sometimes it is nice to not have to worry about scales, bolsters, pins, glue Etc and in my opinion it give a real “from the forge” feel. Still fine tuning my technique on my his style though.
  15. Here is one I just finished up from a farriers rasp. I was originally going for more of a stiff boning Blade but decided to grind it thinner and give it more of an upward sweep. It still is on the stiff side but has enough flex and edge retention. I put a buffalo horn end cap which I could have fitted better but decided to keep it a bit rough to fit with the rustic look. I am actually thinking of doing a full kitchen set like this.
  16. It sure does Alan, I was doing some chops with it and I feel it would also slash very well too. I just checked out some of those old time whale harpoons. Boy they had some nasty looking heads. I was surprised how wide some were.
  17. Thanks fellas, I cut a good long solid shaft. I am 6’ 4” and the tip of the spear is the height of the top of my fingers when held straight up. Feels like a formidable weapon. Anyhow some more fun at the forge today playing with sockets. Harpoon head and boning knife. Boning knife heat treated but I have yet to do final grind and clean up.
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