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  1. Conventional portland cement based concrete isn't refractory and can be explosive due to off-gassing when exposed to excessive heat. I've heard a few stories of potter's kilns exploding because the concrete slab wasn't sufficiently insulated. There are refractory concretes out there, is this what you're using, Elias? I feel in the interest of safety this should be clarified. Edit: I meant to say, painting firebricks with a 50-50 mix of alumina hydrate and kaolin will help to reduce the fluxing action, but soft firebricks really don't stand a chance against flux.
  2. I get the feeling the feature was turned off. I suspect because it uses data/bandwidth.
  3. I really like the look of that second knife, though both are beautiful. Congrats on the elk. Also, kudos for donating the bear skull. My local trapper's council has a wildlife education program and its dependent on donated pelts, feathers, and bones to make the display work.
  4. It's not illegal like, say, bootlegging dvd's is illegal. The FBI isn't going to bust down your door. But if the original designer catches wind you're selling unauthorized copies, he might decide to seek compensation. In which case, he doesn't even need to be right for you to be in a heap of trouble. In order to even deal with his claim against you, you'd have to hire a lawyer which is already going to cost you exponentially more than any knife is worth. If, however, you're just looking at other makers' designs to get an understand of the principles of folding knives (e.g. how a liner
  5. Be a little careful with ash water, though. It weakens your fingernails and thins your skin.
  6. This is going to be an exciting project to watch. Awesome work so far, Dave!
  7. I think it was just sand. Silica, maybe with a little limestone or feldspar in it, melts nicely.
  8. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for taking the time to make it.
  9. I can think of a thousand and one uses for a little blade like that, nicely done. The shape is brilliant.
  10. Yep. My girlfriend was there in April.
  11. Geoff, thanks for taking the time to experiment and post this. Very instructive stuff!
  12. Kevin, your work just keeps getting better and better. I love reading your WIPs, always exciting stuff.
  13. Congrats on finishing the draft, Caleb--not an easy accomplishment.
  14. Coolest use of a pine cone I've seen in a while. Nice sheath, too. Great work, you guys make a very good team indeed.
  15. Just for clarification, the OP is talking only about "negative/critical" comments, correct?
  16. Those are some of the nicest RR spike knives I've ever seen. I love the creative use of the head, wouldn't think to do that.
  17. This should familiarize anyone with ol' "crazy eyes" Rand who hasn't come across her before: Take note, before show begins, Rand can be heard saying something like "No, I'm not an emotional person--is that your impression?"
  18. Experience has taught me never to judge who you're talking to at a pub/bar by first impressions. I've made some really good connections through the drunk guys, and some really awful experiences from the hot women. The way I play things now, when at a bar/pub (a rare event indeed!), is to treat them the same. Usually, if the drunk guy is swaggering around the bar, he's important to the establishment. Drunks who are a pain get kicked out. So you talk to him, let him say what he wants, smile, nod, and usually make a friend for the next time. People who like you are usually a good thing. Sa
  19. Too bad I was so darned redundant about it, haha.
  20. Do you guys feel it's a fair feeling or something that needs to be worked past to be a successful and satisfied artist/craftsman/technician/etc? That's something I'm curious about, since a great part of me thinks it's something to work past, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't felt that frustration too.
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