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  1. Thanks guys. Alan, that picture doesn't do the Antler justice. It shined up really nicely with a high Polish, but I will never work with it without a respirator again. Even through a dust mask, that wasn't a good taste.
  2. Hello, I figured it's time to finally post one of my knives after browsing all the wonderful work here for a few years. This one was made for a local Boy Scout troop who's first eagle just graduated, and they want to gift all the scouts who make it to eagle with a hand made knife at their court. Due to the time constraints of having to have it finished in time to be presented (and a few setbacks) there are things I feel are unfinished, but they were very pleased with it. The blade is Aldo's 1095 with a differential heat treat, and the handle is a copper sheet, followed by Ipe, Blackwood, Ip
  3. If you don't mind answering a few more questions about it, did you leave the buttcap soft to facilitate setting? Did you use regular setting tools on the steel, and is it any more difficult than regular settings like gold and platinum due to the steel being harder?
  4. Did I just miss it, or is the Diamond not in the pictures? I'm Curious about where you would choose to place it and the setting you used. Thanks for sharing, Your work is always incredible.
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