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  1. Glendon

    help regulating forge temp

    Since we are talking about Forge Temp. I have a question.. Where can I find a good/not to much money Pyrometer ?? I got my forge going but I have no idea what the temp is.. I'm pretty sure I am going to have to redo it because the only way it works well is with the air at full blast and the propane cut way back.. Plus I don't like the pin valve I got because it's not working that well.. Thanks
  2. Glendon

    Buying a gas forge?

    Thanks for the reply.. I did light it inside the forge but I was still getting the flame thrower look to it ... as far as the inside I did use Kaowool then covered that with the fireplace mortar which as you said it is not working .. But i'm still going to try to use it as is because I am still working out the bugs.. Either that or I could try to break up the bubble crap and line it with the right stuff .. Thanks again
  3. Glendon

    Buying a gas forge?

    Hello all.... I finally finished my forced air propane forge and fired it up and I have a couple questions.. 1) should the flame look like a propane torch flame or like a flame thrower ( for lack of a better term ) and 2) what is the best type of refractory clay or puddy to use to line the inside of the forge ?? I ask because what I used I think is meant to fill cracks in a fire place and such.. it works but as soon as I fired up the forge the inside bubbled .. I know that pic's would help but I need to set up a photobucket account .. Thanks for the help
  4. Glendon

    New Beard

    How do you do that ?? Looks very cool.. Errrrrrr or Hot .. whichever
  5. Glendon


    Wow!!! That is an Awesome knife ...
  6. what were you doing up at 3:02 am ??

  7. New to Bladesmithing ..

  8. Glendon

    Do you ever buy anything from other smiths?

    I am new to smithing so I like to buy from other makers because I really enjoy collecting knives and it also gives me inspiration for my work.. I have never copied another makes work mostly because I don't have the skill yet but I have taken the design and added my twist to it in drawing form to try and make one day ... I would buy a lot more hand made work if I could afford it but most things I really like are way out of my price range... A lot of the smiths that sell stuff on here, Ebay or Etsy I really like but I can't afford .. so Yes I do when I can.... sorry I got so long winded
  9. Glendon

    The Condor strikes again

    I'm sure I can't afford it but I was wondering how much you sell this for ?
  10. Glendon


    That is simply beautiful.. I hope one day with lots and lots of time and practice I can make something that nice ..
  11. Glendon

    Dragon slayers boot knife

    That is awesome... The carving is great and I wouldn't change a thing.. I like the Primitive look of it, it kinda looks like a knife a knight would make as a trophy after slaying a dragon.... I want one
  12. Glendon

    Relic Jewelry

    Very cool
  13. Glendon

    Planes, nuclear missile bases, and strange mechanics.

    Very awesome pic's .. Do you live near a Military vehecial graveyard ?? Do they give tours of the old nuke base or did you break in ?? lol