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  1. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Silver and bog oak seax

    Yeah, the plan is to do a huge brokenback. Probably won't be patternwelded though..
  2. I really love this, I've been doing some silver inlay for a commission project recently and I really can't imagine doing such precise closely spaced lines. I really enjoy seeing damascus object that are not knives, I even made a damascus cake server once.
  3. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Silver and bog oak seax

    Thanks guys, I'm already planning my next seax, this one is going to be a bit bigger
  4. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    I really like these. Are historical avarian sabres pattern welded also?
  5. Pieter-Paul Derks

    KITH 2019 sign up

    I'm in 1. Conner Michaux 2. Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty 4. Alex Middleton 5. MichaelP 6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm 10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Pieter-Paul Derks
  6. Pieter-Paul Derks

    2019 KITH Topic Poll

    I'm already making plans for a folder, I've never made one that opens and closes right, so in this I'm going to be a bit of beginner too. I do have a surface grinder though, so I might be cheating a little bit
  7. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Rebuilding a Side Blast Forge

    Looking great already! If my shop had the space I would go for a side blast forge, it would be so nice to build a big reducing fire sometimes.
  8. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Elm wood?

    Elm is nice for carving, as the grain doesn´t overpower the carving and it is hard enough to take fine detail. A plain inexpensive hardwood is also nice as the under layer for leather- or wire wrapped handles and for wooden sheath cores. If its free and you have the space to put it I would never say no to hardwood.
  9. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Silver and bog oak seax

    Thank you Joshua
  10. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Moonlight Seax

    That sheath is just as clean and amazing as the seax itself, I admire your patience making all the rivets from scratch, it really pays off in the finished product.
  11. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Broken back style sax sheaths: fittings, stitchings and suspension

    Very interesting find, great how modern x-Ray technology can reveal so much detail in something that looks like dirt at first glance. I think it is interesting that the sheath fittings were sewn on, I believed these sheaths were always riveted before. I love the silver handle inlays, real nice to find evidence of handle decoration on seaxes.
  12. Pieter-Paul Derks

    KITH 2019?

    One thing I love about the KITH on this forum is that you can drop out without any hard feelings. I suggest you just start, and if you really think your blade isn't good enough you can choose to drop out and you will still have learned something from your attempt. I will also say that I do not mind recieving a blade from a ''beginner'', we all have to start somewhere, and a KITH is about having fun and pushing your boundaries,not about making flawless work.
  13. Pieter-Paul Derks

    7" chef

    Very nice!, I need to try a mustard patina when they can look as good as this! The handle is also super nice, really nice colours between the copper, cocobolo and rams horn.
  14. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Broken back seax... Tear it apart fellas!

    This is a very cool blade, if I was a water bottle i'd be terrified. I'm curious to see how the sheath will turn out, darkened iron fittings sounds real nice.
  15. Pieter-Paul Derks

    KITH 2019?

    I'm in whatever the theme turns out to be, I always have a lot of fun participating. I rather like the idea of doing a fancy arrowhead myself, it would be way out of my comfort zone and probably a lot of fun