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  1. I finally got around to building myself a disc grinder, I was kind of scared of the electrical wiring as I'd never done something like that before, but it really wasn't hard at all. One horsepower motor with cheap vfd from amazon, I already love it for squaring handle blocks.
  2. This is super nice!, I never knew these swords were cast from the tip. Bronze swords are almost magic to me, last month I was looking at some in a museum (Limburgs museum in Venlo) that looked like they could have been made yesterday.
  3. I've cold forged bronze sheet down thinner before I had my rolling mill, It is a lot of work but it can be done. I imagine thin sheets would be bundled up and forged down together similar to how gold leaf is still made. I would think you'd be surprised at the skill and technology of the metal casters in the ''dark age''
  4. That turned out awesome! I know how much work these sheaths are and I am impressed with it
  5. That is some really nice burl and the shape looks spot on. I don't know if it was intentional, but I think the forge finish spot on the blade and the burl hole mirror each other in a very cool way.
  6. Nice work! these carved handles add so much to this style of ''viking'' knife. I think you will love your new rotary tool, next to carving they have a thousand other uses in the knife shop.
  7. I like it, this looks like a very user friendly comfortable knife.
  8. With such a basic heat treat I think you will not get much improvement over a simple steel. I use 80crv2 primarily and it really needs a 5 minute soak at a relatively even temperature. I use a oil drum furnace with a simple burner, so it is not like you need a super expensive electric oven or anything. When you do get the heat treat right it is a fantastic steel, fine grained but still very tough. Parks 50 is too fast of an quenchant, you would need a slower oil as well, I guess heated canola would work.
  9. I haven't made a sheath in a while, I find it hard to justify the time I spend on them while I have so much projects I still want to do. That said, I do think this knife needs one, I might have to buy some leather and give it a try.
  10. That looks good, nice tight fit. I am curious to see how this will work on a finished knife
  11. I have a slightly related question, I plan on using a cheap vfd like this in the future and I don't want it to die in a shower of sparks if I can help it. How are the enclosures for these made? Building a ''real'' electrical cabinet with holes for airflow sounds counter intuitive, but I would worry about overheating with a closed box. Also this looks like a great grinder build, I like the all tube steel construction, and my welding skills are around the same level
  12. I really like this one, loved seeing it come together on social media as well. This is one of the few knives I like with all damascus hardware, often it is just too busy for my taste, but you struck the perfect balance. I also love wide guards on daggers, very elegant.
  13. That guard bending trick is genius, I wish I had known that when bending a bronze s-guard, doing it over the anvil was a real pain. For bending copper a hardwood block with a groove filed would be adequate, and you could use a round rod for the other die.
  14. This is real nice, I like the shapes a lot and there is just enough detail and texture to make it stand out.
  15. I love this so much, the amount of detail put into these is great.
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