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    death and black metal, playing bass, doing metal vocals and reading fantasy books.
  1. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Early medieval spear ... about 50 cm long

    beautiful spear and beautiful workshop.
  2. Pieter-Paul Derks

    First commission!

    Those seem like reasonable prices, I myself would maybe go a little higher depending on how complicated the knives will be. I always try to remember than pricing too low can be as bad as pricing too high, many people who buy custom knives like higher prices, because it makes them seem exclusive, just like an expensive car or coffee maker. Ofcourse you also don't want to scare off customers with too high prices. I struggle with this dilemma myself, one of the hardest things about knifemaking in my opinion.
  3. Pieter-Paul Derks

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Not really in my shop ´´today´´ as it is a school day but last weekend is close enough for this thread I think. I fired up my drum forge to heat treat my first sword and all went without problems, unlike the last time I tried to quench a sword. (let's just say that I made a nice impression of the shards of Narsil haha.) My friend suggested that the contraption made of barrels, an old barbecue, clamps and a weedburner looks like a rocket, while my mom likes calling it a pipe bomb. Luckily my forge works a lot better than it looks, I am really impressed with how simple and effective it is, I could evenly heat a two feet blade without any issue and i have no doubt that it will do longer blades as well. At the moment I am doing a lot of hand sanding and working on handle parts, the blade came out dead straight and I am very impressed with the 80crv2 steel so far, even with a 250celcius spring temper it passes a brass rod test just fine.
  4. Pieter-Paul Derks

    First Reproduction Tanto

    I like how the lacquer has some different reddish color in some spots. I look forward to seeing the katana
  5. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Overtime Bowie

    Great stuff as always! this is a very ´´sleek´´ knife.
  6. Pieter-Paul Derks

    First Reproduction Tanto

    Nice knife, I like the slim shape. What is the handle and sheath made of? The times I used farriers rasp they through hardened all the way in canola oil, I think water will harden the whole thing as well, I'm not totally convinced the steel usd for these rasps is 1095, but I do know that it makes a fine blade.
  7. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Belt grinder from Poland

    That is a very nice machine for that price! looks very solid, and the coin test is always a nice trick. With both my phone and my pair of prescription glasses dying on me recently I can't really buy anything expensive soon, but daydreaming never hurts. I do not know what the mods think of asking for pricing in these forums, I personally like seeing clear prices, but I will ask pricing in PM in the future if the mods like that more.
  8. Pieter-Paul Derks

    ChickenBane - Hybrid Kitchen cleaver project

    That is a very cool knife I like the bold damascus
  9. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Belt grinder from Poland

    Very nice and solid looking machine. What would the price on such a machine be? I might want a second grinder in the future and I like machines made in europe.
  10. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Scrap-mascus... Do you recycle?

    I save all my damascus offcuts, I like to make jewelry or small fittings from them. I haven't forged those bits back into a blade yet, but I have forge welded bits of broken and discarded blades into a railroad spike once as
  11. Pieter-Paul Derks

    A pair of commissions

    This is a great WIP, and I am following with great interest. I like the look of dovetailed bolsters but I am not brave enough to try them just yet.
  12. Pieter-Paul Derks

    I want to see your Hamon

    Thanks! I am having a lot of fun with fabricated bolsters lately. The blade is 1.1274 steel, the european equivalent of 1095. I used watered down refractory glue (the kind that comes in a sealant tube), I do a thin wash over the whole blade to protect it from carburisation in my electric kiln. I actually do that on all my blades, even without hamon. The ''waves'' of the hamon are painted on with the same stuff, only less watered down
  13. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Rail clip tanto, first attempt with this steel.

    That is very nice, I have a few rail clips in my scrap pile, maybe I should use them for blades and see if I can get a hamon as pretty as the one on your tanto.
  14. Pieter-Paul Derks

    I want to see your Hamon

    Here is one of mine that I am really happy with. it is really hard to photograph though, but a bit of low winter sunlight seem to do the trick.
  15. Pieter-Paul Derks

    Game of Death Tanto

    They look quite straight to me but I can understand the struggle. I like how glossy and bright the auto paint is.