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  1. Really nice, I love seaxes and the carving and leatherwork that comes with them.
  2. I just take a pinch of borax between my fingers and throw it in the crucible. If you know anyone with a business licence they can order borax for you online, at least here in the Netherlands, it is just banned for consumers. Afaik it doesn't matter which kind of business.
  3. That is a very beatiful machine. To me it looks to be a roller for nonferrous metals, similar to what is used in the jewelry trade. Because it is so heavy duty you might be able to get away with using it for hot metal, be very careful however, these machines are not build for large reduction in a single pass. There is no mechanism in place to cope with too high loads, like on a purpose built forging rolling mill (a soft link) If you feed it to big of an bite or too cold material the machine will tear itself apart, I know this can happen with powered je
  4. I carry an slim bladed lockback folder, Joshua might know exactly which one :). it use it mostly to open packaging and getting rid of splinters, where a big blade would be unwieldy. As I live in a urban area, the most important characteristic of an edc for me is that it looks non-threatening, carrying a fixed blade is frowned upon here. For a more outdoors lifestyle a bigger knife is handy.
  5. I really like the blade shape, slim and pointy, the carving and sheath is, as always, top notch.
  6. I like the colour! Guess I'll add this press next to the 70s triumph tr6 on the list of green british things I really want in my garage
  7. Here's mine, I finished a few months ago because lockdown gave me some extra free time in the middle of the year.
  8. I just thought of something, although it is pure conjecture on my part, maybe an open steaming pan might help with the air humidity? I have noticably dry skin and lips after a forging session and I can imagine that it would be a real discomfort when sitting at the forge all week long.
  9. Just for posterity, there are files that will file hardened and tempered steel, I have Vallorbe Valtitan files that I use to cut my tang shoulders and choils after heat treat. They claim to be 70HRC and are developed for modern titanium alloys. However these are maybe the most expensive files you can buy
  10. I love that grim reaper knife so much already! Can't wait to see it finished
  11. Some very nice user friendly knives here, I really like the handle with the bright stripes, not only is it harder to lose but it also looks really cool!
  12. Very cool! that looks like a very satisfying fit between all the parts
  13. I always love that little sneak peek of the damascus when normalizing
  14. Those are some nice pictures of what looks to be a very good time. I really miss these kinds of events, I hope that I will get to go to a few next year. I always get a real kick of inspiration after seeing what others are doing
  15. Whoah, this one is real inspirational, I love the green theme, too many knives are brown and black
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