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  1. This just looks so good, very nice to see some creative patternwelding uses
  2. That is a great looking package. I like the colour and texture of the leather a lot.
  3. Yeah I think it is a good thing that the government is strict on ivory like materials, but on the other end I also love those materials and would like them to be available. The only knife I regret selling had a handle from the bone core of impala horn. That was some great looking stuff and hard to replace.
  4. Great stuff! I have a bucket full of discarded blades that will one day be reforged/smelted into something, makes me feel better about having to chuck my hard work in a corner. I also really love that oosic, I wish I knew how to get some of the stuff.
  5. Well worth the wait if you ask me, this turned out to be a stunning blade. I can't believe it has been 6 years since arctic fire already. And I agree, old fashioned forums are still my favourite. Social media is nice to share things quickly, but good tested information gets lost in the sea of nonsense too quickly.
  6. This is a great thread! I love those tin and wooden sheaths, I am adding those to the "I need to make this one day" list.
  7. I'm lucky enough to not depend on knife sales for income, but I'm pretty bummed the only two knife shows I go to each year are now cancelled. I was really looking forward to getting a fresh dose of inspiration and picking up some new handle material. I'll try to sell some stuff online and hope I will still be able to go to Owen's hammerin in May I think it is almost ironic that knifemakers, who are known for spending most of their time in self imposed quarantine in the workshop, are so affected by travel bans and social gatherings.
  8. This just gets better Looks like the Jabberwocky sword, also a favourite piece of mine.
  9. I think so too, a wood core scabbard and sword like suspension, otherwise it would be impossible to carry. And the cat is indeed a beast, he must be around 20 years old now and still managed to catch a rat half his size a few months ago. I remember that one! weird to think it is already 10 years ago there were some amazing seaxes by some of the forum members here, big reason why I signed up for this forum. Btw, that is an amazing display case, I wish I had a case full of Owen´and Jake´s swords. It has been a long time since I´ve seen any new work from Jake Powning, does anyone know if he has quit making swords?
  10. Super clean work! I always love seeing this style of sheath
  11. It took a while, because I had some other knives to make and sell, but I finished the handle, I might add some ring dots later if I can find the tool I made for that somewhere. I think this blade really needed some form of reinforcement at the front of the handle to keep it from splitting, after a few tries with different cord and metal wire I settled on a very simple leather string wrap. with the leather glued in place it feels really solid and I think it really fits the more sober look of this piece. After some research I do think that a leather and cord covering would be more historical for this style of knife/sword, and that the partial wrap is more of a scandinavian thing. There will be a patternwelded one in the future though, so I'll do a different more fancy handle on that one. This blade is a phenomenal cutter, I want to get some tatami mats to test it properly, as my normal targets like water bottles and cardboard tubes were no resistance at all. The overall lenght is 123 cm (48 inches) and it weighs just under three pounds, the originals would have been even heavier, but I was limited by the size of available steel. (at this point I'd consider trading a kidney for a source of 3/8ths 80crv2 ) The cat is for scale ofcourse
  12. Ooh! I didn't know there was a catalogue, where can I get it? I too spent a lot of time looking at the website, I just wish it was possible to go to new york and see the exhibition with my own eyes.
  13. This one is absolutely amazing, there is something beautiful on every mm of this knife. Work like this is why I got into bladesmithing, and it really inspires me to get back to the workshop.
  14. Wow! that is an absolute monster of a rolling mill If I owned something like that I'd spend a week just flattening everything in my shop
  15. I am always amazed by your collaborations!
  16. If your normalizing and grinding are good 3mm blades should not warp too badly, make sure your grinds are very even though, this helps alot when I do make kitchen knives. When a blade does warp, mostly long knives and swords, I clamp them between 2 pieces of angle iron immediately after quenching. I quench, count to five and clamp, this has straightened out pretty severe warps for me, as long as you are fast enough the blade shouldn´t break.
  17. I have used quite a few different planes, including the a2 veritas ones, I do not have any experience with the pmv11 however. I suspect the main advantage in the higher end planes is the thickness of the iron, the irons are much thicker and more stable, it would be easy for a woodworker to think his blade cuts better because of the ''super steel'' while it is in fact the thickness of the iron making most of the improvement. Also the modern steels don't rust and are harder to overheat when sharpening on a grinder, this might make the edge sharper for longer.
  18. That osb handle is great! I think it looks better than many of the hightech handle materials people ask good money for. Just call it Premium oriented wood or something, it works for Diamondwood haha
  19. I can't seem to find it at the moment, but I remember a video of a japanese handle making workshop, they used an offcenter lathe type tool and a router to cut the oval holes. I would just go for a round tenon. My favourite way of fitting tenons is using sharp chisels and treating it like a woodworker, trying to grind thing nice and round never worked out for me.
  20. My most hated part is having to start over again after a week of work on a engraved damascus blade due to a hidden weld flaw. sometimes I wish I had chosen to collect stamps or something as a hobby. At the risk of sounding like a heretic, I´d have to say that I dislike making damascus the most, the high cost of material and fuel combined with the high possibility of random failure just sucks most of the fun out of that process for me. However I do really like the end result so I keep doing it, and the first etch on a finished blade is worth the effort. I actually like finishing and handle making the most, after finish grinding there is not much more that can go wrong and it is just steady work to a finished piece.
  21. That is a beautiful spearhead, thanks for adding it to this thread.
  22. No problem! I couldn't find info on the hand pads, everything I could find online applied to the belts. So I just bought all the different colors to find out which was the best for me.
  23. I use the maroon and the green pads, the maroon is a bit coarser and green finer. For a nice working satin, I sand to 400 and finish with the maroon pad
  24. Ah, ''Hoe'' that was the word I was looking for I love how casual he steps over the giant grinding wheel.
  25. I just stumbled across this old german movie of the forging and grinding of an agricultural tool(don't know the english term.) The old guys are very skilled and the workshop is fenomenal, so I guess people on this forum would love to see this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK5QwqXW_BY&t=925s
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