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  1. wow, that is a really cool blade, great choice of textures. all the textures complement eachother.
  2. this looks almost as an exact copy of the workshop of my blacksmithing tutor. i just adore places like this, there is always some treasure to be found.
  3. by reading all the fantastic posts here, i think i am going to take the plunge and quench in oil being careful to take my time and work slow and patient. if it works the blade will pop up in shaow and tell. if it doesn't work, well i'll just call it a learning experience thanks for the help, this is really a great forum.
  4. i am facing a problem and was hoping someone here could help me out. not sure if this is the good place to put this, feel free to move. i have this knife made from a leaf spring, made without the use of any power tools(exept my forge blower) to achieve this i forged really close to shape. when i was filing i wanted it to be really shiny allover so i had to file out all the pits. no big deal, really relaxing exercise too the problem i now have is that the edge is really thin, almost sharp. my question is now can i heat treat it, without it snapping. i could change the profile, but i like what i have now and don't want to change unneccary. i have also read that some historical blades were not hardened, is this also an option. oh almost forgot useful info: the steel is leaf spring, and the blade is very thick 5mm at the ricasso and taper to nothing at the tip. overall lengt 30 cm (11 inch) blade lengt (with ricasso) 19 cm (7.5 inch)
  5. wow, i reall like that fuller, looks wicked.
  6. thanks for all the comments. there are things that are going to be different next time. it was a great learning experience at the least.
  7. i have finished the blade, and finally managed to take a few decent pictures. the blade is made on a coal forge it is made from leaf spring and oak wood. all the holes are made using hot punches. the blade is hardened in water,but i should have done it in oil because there are cracks in it. (leaf spring always does that, so i have to get some oil) it turned out a bit bigger as the drawing, but i dont mind because its one hell of a chopper. this blade has a lot of firsts for me. it is the first time hot punching, first time making a blade sharp, first time using pins, first time doing some draw filing(should have done more, it really shows at the end. first time polishing, first time making a sheath, first time doing any leatherwork. and also the first time making a decent knife photo there is also a small by knife that i had lying around somewhere, and that seemed to fit, it was made without the use of power tools. the idea was to create a powerful woodland chopper, and an small knife for more precise duties. i think it worked out fine.
  8. also a post vice is in direct contact with te ground, making it behave a bit like an anvil and giving it a bit of rebound. this is what i learnt anyway.
  9. what is the name of the background music? i really like it.
  10. beautiful work, looks really authentic. one question though: where did you get the human hair from
  11. hello, this is my first post, although i've been lurking on this forum for a long time now. i came asking for advice on a knife i am planning to make. i use a home build coal forge and i'm planning to make this knife from leaf spring. this is not my first knife, but the first i have designed totally before beginning. and so also the first i want to make exactly to plan,. i came here to ask for advice on how big a piece of steel to use, and how to heat treat. and also advice on handle making. thanks in advance.
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