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  1. pieter-pauld

    Hand finishing hardened L6

    I was considering picking up some l6 for sword making, as I can get it easily in the right dimensions. Your finishing struggles are giving me second thoughts however....
  2. pieter-pauld

    San Mai Camp Chopper

    Very nice! I've been following this on instagram, but seeing the big pictures on my computer screen makes me appreciate the textures a lot more.
  3. pieter-pauld

    Drow Short Sword

    There is a lot going on with this blade and nothing clashes with each other, which is impressive design work to say the least. I love the celtic/japanese hybrid style you got going on here.
  4. pieter-pauld

    KITH 2018 poll

    I must admit that I haven't started on my entry yet, general life and paying commissions got in the way I'm afraid. I hope I will be able to still participate with the extended deadline, but I would rather drop out than deliver something sup-par. We will see how it goes, I should have some more time soon.
  5. pieter-pauld

    Air Force Veteran's Custom Knife

    That's a wicked looking knife, I like the shape of the handle it looks very comfortable.
  6. pieter-pauld

    Type Z Viking Sword

    Amazing sword! the blade is very crisp and I love the handle shape
  7. I always advice against using gloves, for they require you to grip harder which will quickly mess up your hands. Tongs are the best option, when you don't leave them on the piece while in the forge they stay cool. When forging on the end of a longer bar I Just cool of the end which i'm holding periodically.
  8. pieter-pauld

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Awesome work, ticks all the boxes for me! is that bronze cast using beeswax? if so that adds mayor cool points, i too would like a description how its done.
  9. pieter-pauld

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I finished my first integral today, I'm quite happy how it turned out, even though the fit and finish isn't too perfect. I planned on taking it to Owen's forge-in, so I just passed my deadline as I'm leaving tomorrow morning and still have luggage to pack, lets hope the dye is dry by then. I'm looking forward to the demo's and lectures and meeting some smith's in person.
  10. pieter-pauld

    Tidr Tonn - "Tooth of Time"

    Wow indeed! Very nice damascus steel and I don't think I have seen a cooler bolster material than widmanstatten pattern meteorite. The mammoth almost reminds me of a dark galaxy where the meteorite came from, but maybe I read too much sci-fi haha. The only small nitpick I have is that your logo seems a bit big for this knife.
  11. pieter-pauld

    Forge in at bushfire Forge May 2018....

    Thanks for the offer, I have planned the most efficient route myself, with a little bit of help from google. I'm certain I'll arrive at the right place
  12. pieter-pauld

    Forge in at bushfire Forge May 2018....

    I have already reserved my place a while ago, this is not something I want to miss. I'm currently trying to find out an efficiënt public transport route from stansted airport to Welling. Its facinating and frustrating how every transport in london seems to have nearly the same logo.
  13. pieter-pauld

    A Chopper for my Dad

    Nice clean knife. I'm glad that I am no onion
  14. pieter-pauld

    Messer 2.0

    Very nice sword! Messers are my favorite type of sword, and yours ticks all the right boxes for me.
  15. pieter-pauld

    Keeping etched blades "black"

    I sand under running water, that also neutralizes the acid. I also found the contrast gets worse when a blade is highly polished/buffed. I get the most contrast on low layer damascus when sanding to 600 grit and hitting the high spots with 2000 grit with a hard backer.