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  1. Very simple beginners forge!!!

    As far as I know lpg is basically propane, only a bit less pure and refined. I find that it burns a bit less hot than the propane from the tanks. I run a venturi forge and all sizes of handheld torches designed for propane off an lpg tank with no issues except a bit less heat.
  2. Hammer Technique

    I own a german anvil with an upsetting block, when the block is on the far side on the anvil the horn automatically points to the left. The upsetting block would get in the way when you turn the horn to the right. For anvils without a block it doesnt really matter, but the horn to the left seems to be traditional here in europe.
  3. Leaf spring prep for flat grind

    How flat do they need to be? I am one of those people who are mad enough to forge their blades, so I do not really know all that much about stock removal, but I can grind and file a pretty flat and straight knife out of crudely forged stock. I do not need to have my stock perfectly flat. I know that surface grinding is very time intensive but also is very accurate, in my opinion a bit more accurate and expensive than is needed for knives. I would anneal and straighten the springs as best as possible and then find someone with a milling machine, a carbide facemill should be plenty accurate and a way faster (cheaper) method of getting flat and parallel steel.
  4. Cuchillos de campo

    Woow I really love these! I like the brass bolsters and big rivets and how clean they are without a plunge line. Are the tangs beveled at the angle of the blade?
  5. More kith questions

    I also have no problems with stock removal, part of the fun is seeing different approaches to the same theme.
  6. Seven King Sword

    Very well done! That repousse brass looks like you brought it back from the middle-ages
  7. Santoku - multibar technicque

    Very beautiful. I love the different coloured woods on the handle.
  8. KITH 2018 poll

    Isn't a divider used in masonic rites? Because that sure sounds a bit magical to me
  9. Coffee Treating by Mareko Maumasi

    I played a bit with instant coffee after seeing Salem Straub post his work on this forum. I find that it works great to preserve the deep black that you otherwise wipe away. It doesnt really etch steel on its own, at least not with the concentration I use.
  10. WIP Chiseled Manieristic Rapier Hilt

    This has turned out amazing. If I only saw the finished pictures I would say that it was a period original.
  11. 304/1084 San mai inspired by jambiya

    Very cool, I love the leather wrap it looks very comfortable and grippy
  12. 2018 What are your forging plans.....

    Well first I'm going to a very nice forge-in in London in May. and I really look forward to the lectures and demo's there. In 2018 I also plan on doing my first knife shows, so I'll have to work my ass off getting enough knives to fill a table. I really need to work on finishing blades faster. Personally I want to experiment more with making damascus rings, and I will try to squeeze in making my first full size sword in 2018 also. I also plan on buying a lot of tools, but maybe that is just my addiction talking.
  13. Pricing Questions

    I would seek out an industrial steel supplier in your area/country, and get some steel bar in a size that is conveniënt, maybe 20x30 mm. Most of them will have a suitable spring steel in their catalogue. You"ll need a fair bit of steel so I would just buy a few meters, instead of spending days getting leaf spring to a size where you can forge a spearhead from. I also think it is better to use New steel, instead of having a blade fail from a hidden crack in the spring when there is a hog charging up the other end. As for pricing, I calculate how long a project SHOULD take me, multiply that with my minimal wage and add material and fuel costs. Then I add a bit on top off that to make a nice round number.
  14. Tempering ovens, heat treat foils, anti-scale powders...

    I don't use any anti scale/decarb measures. I Just heat treat a little thicker and grind off the excess. Sometimes for small delicate parts I rub them with bar soap and it helps a bit against oxidation
  15. A couple questions about 2018 KITH

    Ooh I like the idea of dividers, I have been wanting to make one (or a pair?) for some time now. My own idea for the Kith came to me while taking a shower, the best place to think in my opinion. I thought the theme could be magic, a very broad theme that can have endless different interpretations so that every participant has a lot of freedom. There are a lot of blades connected to magic and rituals, think of athame or keris or runic inscription on saxes. I think it would be fun to create something with a bit of meaning, even if just from your own imagination. But those are just my 2 cents.