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  1. Thanks Steve missed your comment - I'm not sure about the taper, there don't seem to be too many pictures of the spines of tanto on the web, it's something that I have been worrying about just a little. As the blade is now ( ready for cracking, sorry heat treat ) it tapers down fairly evenly from about 1\3 of the length in front of the tang. At the tang it's just over 5mm wide, at the tip 3mm. If anything I'm wondering if it's a bit too slim to be an authentic shape. I'll have to check out the Nihonto message board.
  2. I'll have to look those words up in a dictionary - seriously, I'll use the forum search function...
  3. Right, it's all become clear now. Although the meter can read up to 1000C the thermocouple is only rated to 250C - of course that isn't mentioned in the owners manual or product literature I need to buy a surface probe that can cope with higher temperatures, like you suggest Justin. Still, it'll come in handy for tempering in our propane oven. I'll keep an eye out for those Tempstiks Doug
  4. I'll post a pic but it'll take a while, photobucket is really slow nowadays. I wasn't hoping to measure the temperature of the ( charcoal ) forge, rather the temperature of the steel before I quench it. A bit like a sophisticated version of the magnet test. Am I barking up the wrong tree here ?
  5. Just got my K type thermocouple and meter today, but the instructions aren't very clear. How can I protect the insulation on the wire from the radiant heat of the steel I'm reading the temperature of ? it looks to be terminated with ordinary heatshrink. Any guidelines ?
  6. Do fullers scraped into just one side before quenching cause problems Alan ?
  7. I do have some W-2, just not in that length. It's sort of a test piece really, to see if I'm ready to attempt to grind a short single edged sword, although I'd like to get a useable blade out of it. It's incredibly difficult to find any carbon steels here ( Spain ) except O-1 or drill rod\silver steel in small quantities, but that's a whole different story. You have helped me talk myself out of scraping a fuller into it before quenching it, I'll go with the original plain shape and keep it simple. So the general rule is a scraped fuller is done after heat treat then ?
  8. I'm going to make a fuller scraping tool, or a bo-hi thingy. Question is should I create the fuller before or after heat treat ? does it even matter ? I'm about to start a Wakizashi which is going to be stock removed from O-1 ( it's what I've got in that kind of length, not what I'd like to use ) - I'm intending to make a an asymmetrical fuller on it - i.e. one side of the blade will be fullered, the other not. Could this cause problems with the blade warping when quenched ? ‚Äč
  9. Thanks Alan, I'm surprised anyone remembers me I had to stop knifemaking because there isn't anywhere suitable at our new house to use my grinder - I converted the one spare room into a little machine shop and I can't have any stray grit in the same area as machine tools, it just gets everywhere. Plus I got really ill a year ago and the doctors initially thought I had cancer - turned out I didn't though... I rough finished the tanto by hand using a filing jig, which was all kinds of fun.... Just a couple of weeks ago a new friend gave me a place to work where I can install the grinder, so
  10. Annnnnd - nearly two and a half years later, after a house move, two serious illnesses and heaven knows what else....
  11. They aren't Jurassic Park type huge, but about 4 to 8 inches. That one I found on my leg was 6 inches or so. Did I mention I was terrified ? The speed of things is an extra level of scariness, they can hit 0-60 faster than a top fuel dragster...
  12. You have amazing taste in cars Sam, but I have grave doubts about your choice of pets
  13. Rob - my mates got hunting contacts in Oz, he was down under a couple of months ago culling camels. We had a joke about that because he's Persian and I suggested the camels might recognise him as being a prince of the desert and elect him as their leader I'd love to visit Oz, if I ever can afford to. I had a lovely experience today, sitting at the computer and something was tickling my leg. Started at thigh level and worked it's way down to my calf. Pulled my trouser leg up and found one of these :- I screamed like a little girl, tore my trousers off and ran about like a headless ch
  14. I'm just a scumbag who likes guns and motorbikes, I think Rob wrestles Crocs for a hobby, he's the badass This is another critter that turned up. Found her dying from dehydration and abandoned on a country road. A year later she's fine and what we call the Insanity Weasel. AKA Fugly. If we didn't keep wasting our money on vets bills for every kitten or puppy that was down on it's luck I'd be riding a Harley again instead of some stupid Suzuki
  15. I can't say me and my missis have led a normal life. I've always been what you Aussie blokes call a 'bikie' which might explain things I think the spider got away... I made a new friend recently here, he's a Pommie like me and ex-military. The guy loves venomous insects, spiders mostly - but scorpions and those big horrible centipedes are his best mates as well. Sam and him would get on just fine... The bugs here are humungous, but unless they are spiders or venomous they don't really bother me too much. Not long after we moved out here this pair of starving feral kittens turned up a
  16. Spiders are the reason I'm not allowed to fire guns in the house any more
  17. We don't have any really deadly spiders in Spain but we have some buggers who can give you a very nasty nip with medical complications. I hate the things and terminate them with extreme prejudice. The worst insects though are these things that are called Megarian Banded Centipedes. Nasty aggressive little bastards with enough poison in them to kill a small dog. But we have 3 rescued Spanish cats that just turned up at our farm and this crazy feral tomcat we brought out from England - they know instinctively how to deal with them - get behind them quick and bite their heads off.
  18. I'm starting to get the hang of this - the Orion Nebula, taken tonight :-
  19. I got some safety glasses from the local hardware shop that are in the style of wraparound sunglasses and have inserts around the frames that mold to your face to keep flying debris out. Expensive but worth it.
  20. I have a small secondary forge fuelled by a Mapp Gas torch and the refractory I used was something like 1 third fire cement to 2 thirds perlite by volume. It's hung together fine but it's not much of a test as to what might happen in a full size gas forge ( which I am clueless about ) I know where you are coming from, doing things the hard way. With me it's not so much the budget ( although that's a significant issue ) as not being able to find the things I need and having to improvise. No borax here, no carbon steel in small amounts, an anvil costs the equivalent of $1800... Have you
  21. There is good eating on them things you know
  22. I really doubt they would do that. One whistleblower employee going public would ensure they would be sued out of existence. Or blackmailed ( that's what I'd do ) Having said that whenever I have bought a new Windows computer with the trial versions of those two applications pre-installed I have had problems getting rid of the damn things. They are intrusive and can be difficult to get rid of completely. The last computer purchase we made was a new laptop for my wife. The salesperson did the usual thing where they try to sell you an extended warranty, but then she made a pitch to ge
  23. Unless you have a pressing reason to use Windows ( i.e. - either you or someone else who uses your computer is into games ) then I really recommend Linux as an operating system. It's WAY more secure than Windows, a lot faster, doesn't constantly nag you ( are you sure you want to do this ? it might be unsafe, blah blah blah ), installs quickly and easily and best of all it's completely free.
  24. Any medieval knight would have been proud to receive the coup de grace from that fine dagger
  25. I really liked the premise behind the film, twinning reality with a computer game. Pretty educational. As for YouTube comments - well, they are notorious for their rudeness, cluelessness and being only semi literate. I think you could post a still life video of a bowl of fruit on there and someone would turn it into a huge argument. The lunatics are definitely in charge of the asylum.
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