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  1. Hello! I have made a short video about how my Solar Axe is performing in real life. Please note the possibility of using the axe head without handle as a plane tool.
  2. Solar Axe #3. Steeling and pure forging. The back became longer and more massive. Weight 620 g
  3. I think it is possible to maintain thickness in welded neck if you insert a wedge here. You might be right with the ballance/ purpose issue. However my assumption is that it is mainly cultural/tradition/genetical issue Let's aslo recall that all the known edge cuts of that mustachy type show not steel welded but carbonized blade. i really think that caucasian technological "ears" are sticking out here.
  4. Thanks Jake! I am quite sure that #6 is thick as #9 at the neck in the plan . Look on the other table from Kirpichnikov. And photo of the original one from Dnipro musuem
  5. Hi Jake! It’s been a long time! The symmetry (double beardness) mainly appeared as a result of my search for ballance since in the single bearded axe of this type the handle that sticks out f the eye on top creates notable imbalance in weight and also visually unsatisfactory (for me). The symmetric double bearded ones were also archeologically well known . It is really amazing how good is the handle connection due to the “mustaches” on the back and at the same time how easy is to take it off and replace with longer (shorter) handle. No other other self wedged type re
  6. Thank you Alan! I really appreciate.
  7. Solar Axe 1 by Bogdan Popov Weight 500 g Dimensions 130x130 mm Steeled edge Pure forging
  8. Hello! This video is about my approach of blending ecology and blacksmithing together and the anvil set up that I have developed in pursuit of this. Best wishes, Bogdan
  9. I would say the most important thing for me to produce a good blade is inspiration. And the major source of inspiration for me is Nature. This is what this set up is about – being with your forge within the realm of Nature fully capable for serious forge work and at the same time, being light, compatible and blending with that realm, keeping the human component at the least possible level. It is what I am in search for all of my life. The great Ukrainian 18 th century philosopher Grigory Skovoroda said : Good Lord! Thank you that You made all that is necessary simple and all th
  10. Yes, the camera man Alexandr Belyaev is great. And I tell , on this anvil one can get the blade straight as a ray of light.
  11. I own this hut. We used to lived there permanently for several years but now moved closer to civilization since is too complicated for the family and kids due to the very hard winters (deep snow) and no social infrastructure. I come there on weekends and lin summer running education ecological camp. This type of stand alone mountain huts could be found in the eastern parts of Ukrainian Carpathians and probably Romania
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