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  1. Thank you friends for your comments. Knife is SOLD! Thank you very much dear Bladesmith forum...
  2. Knife in traditional scandi look... partial hardened carbon stell O2, maple veneers, reindeer antler and pinch of ink... leather sheath on belt or neck. Overall 19,3cm, blade 85x24x2mm. Price: 160$ plus shipping. Mail and paypall: lukobranie@gmail.com Thank you for looking...
  3. I hold it in hand yesterday... this is jewel and seriously art, but for real using! Your work with shapes and surfaces is unique. I love this piece... však víš
  4. Peto


    One more in cow rib, but now in classic friction construction with protect cord usseful for neck hanging too... plus bangle in same material. Thanks for looking...
  5. Thank you Franck... Knife is SOLD! Thank you much dear BladesmithForum
  6. I have this forged fulltang knife free for sale... blade is partial hardened O2, engraved bolsters, walnut handle and leather belt sheath. Overall size 25,5cm, blade 140x40x4mm. Price is 140 euro plus shipping. Mail: lukobranie(a)gmail.com
  7. Hi Wade! Look´s like real knife to real world... blade surface is perfect.
  8. Perfect piece, I must try make this type of handle already... thanks for inspiration.
  9. No, that´s just modest atempt about engraving small circles on rivets Dont feel it in hand... Thank you very much... your comments is always big motivation to next work friends.
  10. Peto


    Groove I make with reel for angle grinder fix to the lathe. This is just attempt and quick realization of quick idea... this construction need more thin and light blade, here is 4mm thick. Thank you much friends...
  11. Peto


    Small and simple pocket knife from aged file and cow rib... tightening of small lever is possible arrest open blade, but it´s not linner of course... Thank you for any comment...
  12. Hello dear friends, after longer time, one knife with carbon stell blade and walnut handle... overall size 25,5cm, blade 140x40x4mm. Thank you for any comment...
  13. Peto


    Design gem! Excellent work...
  14. Peto

    Two skinner´s

    Thank you much boys for your kind words... Hi mate, I dont... I lose old stamp and this new I still tuning and still is not in my vision... but thank you.
  15. Hi dear friends from faraway continents, I just finished this two blades with tail´s... first is wide wry smile with antler handle and "frontiers" style sheath: ...and nessmuck with bird´s eye maple and brass. Cowhide sheath is on belt or neck too: ...thank you for looking and any comment are welcome.
  16. No mna vystre! Knife of my dream´s... amazing work Tomášku!
  17. Hi Rob, each one who know make sooo long blade have my respect... excellently work! I look forward on next pictures...
  18. Handles look´s simply, but put it so clear with blades is hard fiddly job!... lovely pieces.
  19. Lovely piece... all perfect harmonized! Excelent idea, excelent execution.
  20. SOLD! Thank you dear Bladesmith forum...
  21. Hi dear friends, I have free for sale autumn knife from partial hardened carbon stell (csn19312stabil, O2, K720), wrought iron, copper and bubingo wood... massive sheath is cowhide. Overal 23cm, blade 110x30x4mm. Price is 270$ include shipping and paypall charge. mail: lukobranie(a)gmail.com Thank you for looking...
  22. Peto

    Two raw blades

    Yes, so exactly... Thank you very much dear friends... praise from so good masters is honour for me!
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