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    My wife always comes first! Blade smithing, fine wood carving, bow making, archery, off roading, spear fishing, hunting, rock climbing,

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  1. Thanks Martin and Miles! Yeah this was my lesson blade because I had always oven tembered before and I tried the Oxy on this blade so now I know how risky it is! It's a real bummer after spending 4 hours hand finishing a blade to have it snap because it didn't tember right with an oxy torch.
  2. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted some finished work and for those of you who remember my post about tempering with an oxy torch and how I ended up snapping the blade while trying to straiten it I thought I should show what I was able to make from the broken blade. I am very happy with this knife and I will be making a kydex sheath to go with it so it can be my EDC from now on. The blade is very sharp and holds an edge very well. It was forged from file steel and has a mild steel guard. The wood is curly maple and cocobolo with a white spacer. The pins are mild steel welding rod. Let me know what you think.
  3. Nice Brian! Like miles said its great that you started. One way to keep the blade from curving back so much as you forge in the edge is to make the blade have a slight cycle shape before you forge in the edge. That way as you work the edge it will end up strait when you are done. It takes some practice to know how much to cycle the blade so it does come out strait but I have found this to help a lot.
  4. Very nice Eddie! That ebony is amazing and your tooling is top knotch!
  5. That is some wonderful clean work! I really like the taper on your plunge line! the handle is beutiful.
  6. Those are some awsome chopper Ben! I really like the broken back blade. And your wrapping job looks great on the handles!
  7. That is an impressive cutter! Love the pictures and background too great work.
  8. Nice Miles! Sorry to hear about your hand! That is a bit crazy! Though belt grinders spin rediculously fast so I guess it makes sence.
  9. Very Nice Josh! I really like the weave inlay and the shape you put into the handle and blade is awsome!
  10. Welcome Martin! That is a great looking first knife! I like the wood carving as well and it is not a simple task to make four pieces of material fit together into a functioning knife so I say well done.
  11. That looks very nice Eddie! Love the patern on the blade
  12. Great looking blade Drew! And welcome to the forums!
  13. Those are beautiful blades! I must say I really like the file work on the steel guard/collor.
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