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  1. Hay its etched i painted the axe then scratched off the paint it was my first go and super happy with it.
  2. Hi just shearing this viking ship inspired axe.
  3. Hade a viking dress up party to go to so i thought i might make a seax to take along and this is it. The reveres taper to the handle dose make it want to fly out of your hand when swinging it but at least it has a hand guard that wont make up for it when it go's flying out of your hand but it looks cool.
  4. I was giving a horn so I though I would fancy it up a bit and give it a handle.
  5. my twisting wasn't anything that organised it was grabbing it in a 3 jaw chuck so it was turning of center and then holding the other end with a 1m long pipe rench and then just hang on.
  6. Cranked up the forge after it being dormant for a while and hade a go at making a rams head bottle opener out of a rail way spike. It worked ok for the first attempt and I learnt a few things on the way so the next one should be a bit nicer I hope.
  7. I done the panel free hand with a die grinder it didn't take to long was just trying to give it something extra bling.
  8. it is one big twist done it in our threading machine and a big pipe rench on the other end it was a bit scary
  9. Hi guys This is a battle-axe I made was just trying something different it all turned out looking not to bad.
  10. very nice I need to make a point to call in if im passing through at some stage
  11. This is my new project it will be a 2 hander axe just deciding weather to do a spike or a flat hammer on the other end
  12. That is very stylish I like it a a lot
  13. I would say the Pandora I like the clean looking handle and that is some very nice work.
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