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  1. I really enjoy those D shaped hangers, its a take on a suspension system I've not seen before and looks like they would be pretty effective.
  2. I really like the micarta handle, the shape, lines and material are super appealing!
  3. That is some really cool activity along the welds!
  4. I can't comment too much on dust collectors, there are definitely people here with a lot more knowledge on what works & doesn't work, but I can share what I did earlier this year. I have a small shop too, and it was annoying having grinding dust settling on everything. So I put together a simple water trap/dust collector connected to my shop vac that is surprisingly effective. A 4" to 5" duct adapter connects to 3" aluminum drier flex hose & into the top of a 4gal steel pail with latching lid. The flex hose is attached to a 3" pipe centered on the lid that exte
  5. That is a really handsome knife! Really nice shape, it has the feel of some of those medieval cooking or serving knifes. Have you tested it with food prep, how does it feel?
  6. Hmmm, this is certainly an interesting challenge to figure out... You said anything over one kilogram is difficult to maneuver, is that correct? You also mentioned a wheelchair, do you normally use a wheelchair to get around or are you thinking you may need to use one in the future?
  7. Been working to set up my shop in the new garage this last year, but most recently I've been working to build a post vice base. I was lucky enough to be able to take an abandoned cast iron telephone pole base from the property I was previously living at and give it a new life. I hadn't yet gotten to putting in a steel bearing plate at the bottom of the vice leg in these photos, but that all done now. Still have the other half of the cast iron base for some other future project, hardcore side table maybe? Pretty excited to put it to use, it'll definitely be handy espec
  8. I'd imagine you could use the laser you have, taking photos at the same location before and after to count the difference in highlighted particles for some rough measurements.
  9. This looks like a modern interpretation of a habaki, the metal sleeve at the base of Japanese swords. Traditionally habaki are metal sleeves (brass, copper, silver, sometimes gold plated), slightly tapered that function to secure the sword in its wood scabbard (saya) by a close friction fit. They were sometimes textured on the flat surfaces, or pierced & profiled to add some additional aesthetic flair. The one above doesn't seem to be there as a scabbard fitting, but it does look pretty cool! You can also look up bolsters. It's not the same but sometimes bolsters are designed a
  10. Wow, that is some really impressive work for someone who says they’re new to bladesmithing!
  11. Bolatron is a Kydex alternate, I'm not aware of any others offhand but others may exist.
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