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  1. Though I dont usually read this particular news site, I found this article intersting and the first thing I thought of was to post a link here and see if you fellas had an idea to share with these researchers. And myself, of course lol. Im curious. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55c83173e4b0f73b20b9c87d?
  2. This turned out to be epic dan. Kudos to you!
  3. thats so cool! Always loved ships from the age of sail. Ya'll must have had a great day!
  4. Fighting the Texas heat and losing

  5. well you either made those welds dissappear or pulled some camera trickery cuz I can't see 'em lol. I would love to see it's sister coming together! saw this on your blog awhile back and it was love at first sight. That celt comin out in me i suppose.
  6. Here's a video too from purgatory ironworks showing something similar.
  7. It'd be hard to see that thing coming at ya, nearly disappears on edge, great work. Any chance on a tutorial for that basket?
  8. This is looking great Dan! I had an older B&D drill that would do the same thing all the time, two handing it helped, but the risk of it snagging was still there. I do agree that you should try to weld it up sometime in the future. Would hate to have something happen to ya.
  9. here is the original topic Branson. Jesus, well done! Clean lines all around, quite a sight to behold.
  10. While not being able to build the furnace outlined above I have run a small scale test on this theory and found it promising. I doubly regret lacking pictures, but I will explain as well as I can. using scrap pine I filled a small container full and punched a single hole in the top to vent the gas, then placed it at the bottom of a large coffee tin. I then used broken up pieces of flagstone (cuz its what I had) to build supports and a platform to both build a fire on and make two chambers in the tin. I was careful to leave only enough room around the edges for the gass to rise, but ensure no embers fell down. Beforehand I had drilled several holes around the upper portion of the coffee tin for air supply. This proved to be inadequate, as I soon found after lighting the fire. Because of this I could not seal the top of the coffee tin enough to keep the heat in and thus could not bring the temperature up high enough in the bottom to begin driving out the gas from the wood. I believe I will have to force air into the top chamber in order to keep the fire going, but the fact that the wood in the bottom chamber had gotten hot (hot enough that I could barely hold it in fact) tells me that with a little refinement the theory is at least sound. I will continue down this same path tomorrow and see what happens.
  11. Makes me wanna visit and with it being that hot it'd be just like being home
  12. I'm so jealous right now. Have a good time Todd!
  13. What a nice day's work Mark, L love seeing these sorts of posts
  14. Ain't it though! Somehow it slipped past my surfing, but I'm happy to see it now. +1
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