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  1. Hey there, I don't spend a lot of time on the net anymore so now and than i show some of my work. Hope you like it, cheers Igor - Kampman Knives
  2. Finished a mini bush crafter, a small little drop point EDC cutter, mosaic damascus, handle from dear antler, buffalo horn bolster and but cap, with bronze pins, full flat convex grind, hidden tang. !4 cm long, cutting edge of 5 cm. 2 mm thickness Cheers Igor Kampman
  3. Damascus knife from L6 and 1075 steel, drop point , hidden tang, full flat convex grind, bolster from buffalo horn, handle from buckeye burl out of Hawaii and some pieces of New Zealand abalone. Thanx for watching, cheers Igor - Kampman knives
  4. Thanx guys much appreciated;)
  5. Here an update, some of my latest work. The Caveman - all made from recycled materials - damascus from16th century wrought iron mixed with a high carbon steel, handle from Mammoth rib - buffalo horn, red copper pin and in the end of the handle a piece of abalone - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang. Brut de Forge Bushcrafter - Modified CM60 steel with 16th century bog oak wood handle - Black buffalo horn and a piece of deer antler - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang. Hunter - C100 steel, water quenched (yak ire) - handle from dear antler, red copper pin - buffalo horn and red copper, bolster from mokume gane - Full flat convex grind, hidden tang - Sheath is made by Frederiek De Vette. Thanx for watching, cheers Igor.
  6. Dat is goed Pieter, zolang je de credits maar geeft en je eigen ding ermee doet want er zijn een aantal van dit soort messen in de maak voor de verkoop;) gr Igor
  7. Hey there, Like alway's to busy to make some new post of my latest knives, so hereby some of my work. All of them forged out of different kind of Japanese steels like Aogami, suminagashi and shirogami in a 'Brut de forge' style. They are all water quenched (60 HRC) yaki ire style and only the knives (the snow crystals marks and the knife with scales from circuit board) is quenched in oil (58HRC). Thanx for watching and let me know what you think also if you have any other questions? Cheers Igor - Kampman knives
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