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  1. thanks for the pic of the "guts" it's really helpful
  2. acetone evaporates pretty fast so it shouldn't be a problem with food safty as long as there is no wood or other permeable material involved. but a good rinse afterwards couldn't hurt.
  3. I picked this up at the renfest sunday. I was planning to flatten it and make handle pieces out of it, but as it turns out when I play it, it produces a near perfect concert F. As a music major and trumpet player I cannot bring myself to destroy such a beautiful and naturally precise instrument, so I guess I'll just have to stick to wood handles for now.
  4. I am really looking forward to this
  5. That was exactly what i was looking for! Thank you ever so much!
  6. Very nice! I really like the shape, Its pretty wicked looking.
  7. I've been smithing for a while now and I think that I want to expand beyond knives. Would one of you fire faced fellows (gotta love alliteration) or other experienced smith explain the techniques involved in making a spear please? the socket is mostly what fascinates me, I haven't figured out how to make a socket centered, I have seen the method of spreading the metal and rolling it to make a tube but this is very ascetically unattractive to me because the blade is always off to one side. I saw the vendel spear that was recently posted and it's construction seems to be what I am looking for, b
  8. is anyone else having trouble viewing the images on this? i would really like to see them
  9. thats pretty gnarly lookin dude
  10. no but it sounds like a good project. i might try it
  11. I am moving out for college on tuesday, and one of the hings i figured i would need was a good utility knife. so i took a blank that i had tossed in the "no good" pile of knives that didn't make it to sale specs and slapped a handle on that bad boy. the blade is an old nicholson file that i got for free and the handle is maple and paduak. i triple normalized the blade and clay hardened it, it has a hamon but it didn't show up on the pics to well. i threw together the sheath in like an hour and a half so its not super good looking bit it gets the job done. over all its not the prettiest thing i
  12. as in the wheel of time green man? regardless its a fantastic carving yet another thing i want to do, the list of those things seems to grow longer every day
  13. you most certainly can have too much air. with to much air moving too fast, your charcoal will burn up faster and more than likely melt or burn your metal if the coals manage to stay in the forge that long. a hair dryer is a good option but its a little noisy, i used a squirrel cage blower from an ac unit with a dimmer switch for a light fixture wired into it, it worked better than anything else i tried and was almost silent. good luck to ya!
  14. make bowl shape of coal, then light a piece or two of newspaper that you have crumpled into a ball and put it in the middle. put a small amount of coal over it (just enough to cover the paper ball) and turn the blower on low, gradually (over about 30 seconds or so) increase the blower speed there's going to be alot of smoke as some of the lighter impurities cook out but soon enough you should see a clean flame and viola! your coal is be lit. see here for a demonstration
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