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  1. Daniel Acepurek posted 0xt 23, 2014 Have been wanting to inform you of Old File Cultery Co. Cant tell you anything about steel quality.My father had a contract of doing the knife handles at least the last 2 years of business. My sister and I helped when we were 11 and 12 years old. I remember my father was offered to go to Arkansas where the move was planned. When my father went to Heaven I discovered handles and knife blanks from Old File. All blades are installed, some handles have original markings, in photo only long machete? Has hand made stamp of which is only one purchased. All others f
  2. Tho't I'd add a post concerning the pedal powered sandstone grinder, recently received one with pedal parts missing, and wheel badly grooved and much out of round, could not break loose the collar for the wheel. I fabricated pieces missing to produce the pedal power, then working the wheel dry and handholding a 4 1/2" angle grinder with metal grinding disc, pedal powered the wheel and moved the grinder back and forth, was able to smooth out the groove probably 1/4" deep or more and removed a big portion of the out of round, still need to remove more but stone is able to put a nice edge on kitc
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