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    Blacksmithing, Smelting, Rock Climbing, Running, Exploring, Drawing... to name a few
  1. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Hmmm... hopefully the cfm on the 116630 is high enough. Besides the lower max cfm the pressure/cfm graph compared to the 116643 are quite similar.
  2. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Thanks for the response Skip. Nice to see this little diagram. I did find this little adjustment on the schematics and asked the company about it. I've tried playing with it and to no avail unfortunately. At this point I feel the problem is definitely in the electronics of the blower. I found another one on ebay that I ordered so when it arrives I can test to see if I get the same issue or not. It also seems like maybe a fuse is being tripped as once the blower cuts out it won't turn on again until I unplug and re-plug the main power to the blower. Skip: You say you used a bunch of these blowers for smelts. Out of curiosity what model blowers were you using. I was surprised at how small the 116630 was when it arrived, but according the cfm/pressure graph apparently looks good. Thanks, Eric
  3. Eric Dennis

    Big shop cleanout, tools for sale

    How much does the fly-press weigh do you think? Also, what sort of operations have you been able to do with that one? Thanks,
  4. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Well, with the blue (low supposedly) connected to "OV" and red (high supposedly) connected to "0-10V" the blower actually does slow down from 10V down to about just under 7V. After that it just turns off... bad blower electronics? bad signal generator? I'm baffled.
  5. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    The higher output connect being "0-10v" i presume, right? This is what I feel too and it how it is set up in the second photo. I havn't tried moving the white line to the sig-generator. If that was the case which other wire would connect to the power cord for the blower?
  6. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    I tried hooking up the blower and I'm having trouble. I'm wondering if the blower's electronics are shot. The only way I can get the blower to run is in the first configuration. However, it only runs at full blast and the sig-gen dial does nothing until I turn it way down and then the blower cuts out and wont go on again until the power plug is turned on and off again. With the blue wire on "OV" andthered on "0-10v" the motor just starts to run and then cuts out. Something doesn't seem right. Thoughts?
  7. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Well, I'm currently answering all my own questions. I should have thought about this harder I guess. I found an old laptop charger to give the generator power- worked like a charm- just stripped the wires. I called the company and found that my wires are: blue=command low, red-command high, white= neutral, and black=AC in HOT.
  8. Eric Dennis

    Smelting Blower Specs

    Hi, I purchased a setup similar to J. Loose's. The catch is I know very little about wiring up electronics. Can anyone give me insight into how to hook this blower up? I understand that the signal generator needs it's own power supply, though it requires "dc12-24v". Does this need to be a DC adapter, for instance like this ? Or are the amps too high on that power supply? Likewise, I'm not sure which wires should hook up where, and my wire colors are different then those in the photo above. Thanks in advance for any help- hoping to learn.
  9. Eric Dennis

    Bandsaw Hydraulic?

    I opened up the original that supposedly didn't work- filled it with hydraulic fluid (it had only a few teaspoons inside. Closed it up with a little teflon tape on the threads, and voila! So far it's as good as new. No external leaking that I can see, and the internal gasket seems to be holding as well. Glad that worked...
  10. Eric Dennis

    Bandsaw Hydraulic?

    It's a self-contained unit powered just by gravity and the weight of the machine. I actually got hold of the old busted one. I think I can fix it up. Either there is a busted o-ring or the cylinder was simply never filled. I'm gonna try re filling and see what happens. If not then https://www.surpluscenter.com/ has a bunch or else I'll try checking mcmaster. Thanks!
  11. Eric Dennis

    Bandsaw Hydraulic?

    I just bought a used grizzly G9742 horizontal bandsaw for a good price. This one: http://www.grizzly.com/products/G9742/parts The problem is, it no longer has the hydraulic cylinder that allows the saw to automatically lower. Buying a new one from Grizzly apparently is almost $200.00!!! Does anyone know of a place to buy cheaper parts that will fit this machine? It would be MUCH appreciated. Best, Eric
  12. Eric Dennis

    Where can I get 1084 steel?

    Here: http://newjerseysteelbaron.com/shop/1084hc/
  13. Eric Dennis

    Fabricated Coal Forge / Hofi Style Chimney / Tuyere

    Ah, angle iron is a great idea! Thanks
  14. Eric Dennis

    Fabricated Coal Forge / Hofi Style Chimney / Tuyere

    Alan- What thickness is the sheet metal on the table of your forge? So far I wish I had gone beefier. I went with 1/8" sheet for costs sake, but already have some warping from heat. Oh well. I guess I can always switch it out later on.
  15. Eric Dennis

    Fabricated Coal Forge / Hofi Style Chimney / Tuyere

    I fired the forge up for the first time today. Jeez, what a world of difference! The chimney pulls hard right off the bat. The clinker breaker works better than I imagined- It really opens up the air once the clinker forms and grinds up pieces that have lodged down in the bottom. Because as the ball moves up it chokes the air flow, I am able to sort of micro manage the quality of air coming into the fire pot, which I foresee being useful. It even sort of changes the shape of the air coming in. I was able to get it to welding heat in no time. I still need to get used to it, but look forward to finding it's quirks. A little more tweaking needed, but for now some photos of the maiden voyage: