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  1. Thanks Kevin, I remember reading some threads a while back that came to that conclusion. I will experiment with canola some more. I'm hoping to start some bigger knives soon that will have hamons, but I also plan on experimenting learning to make san mei or wariha tetsu laminated blades for those though so it may be a while... Transition from head knowledge to actually doing it is often way harder than I anticipate.I would like to get a commercial oil some day, but a better anvil is higher on the priority list right now.
  2. Thanks! I have not tried peanut oil. It was my understanding that canola was the fastest without going to the expensive stuff, but I know many people swear by it so maybe I'll just try it one of these days. Impressive if it works well with W2. I did HT some 1095 the other day fine with canola, but it was a very thin linerlock blade. My expectations for hardness may have been higher than possible with canola, this blade being my first oil quench experience. But I don't like the idea of not getting a blade as hard as it could out of the quench--seems like that would affect edge retention from la
  3. Haha! I'll take that as a compliment! I wondered if anyone would comment on that... I water quenched this one after not being happy with the hardness after 2 attempts in canola oil. I read that 1084 doesn't like being quenched multiple times, which I thought weird, so I figured I'd just chance it with the water. It got as hard as I thought it should that time! Water is definitely not my normal procedure though Wouldn't try it without the grain as reduced as it was that's for sure. PS the ping was on a file knife and was a total dumb mistake on my part. Edge quench in water 3 secs, into oi
  4. Wow, thanks Kevin I appreciate that! The last one I made I spent tons of time filing it until it fit just right. This one I was trying to just get done as I had already added a lot of time by causing problems messing with details too much and having to make alterations (hence the added purpleheart, because I sanded the handle a little too short fitting the bolster) Been working on developing efficient clean processes for various parts of the construction as I have a tendency to work way more hours on little things and just kill any chance of reasonable profits, which would be nice to make on f
  5. Thanks Collin and Wesley, I appreciate it! So it is considered a bolster still, good to know. Wasn't sure with how thin it is.
  6. Hello! This is my first ever post on any forum. I've been soaking up info from here and other places for over 7 years and figure it's time to show something I've made. This is my 3rd finished (key word) knife. 1084 blade, water quenched. Just over 3 3/4" on the blade. Handle is orange osage and purple heart with a copper cap piece that I don't know a technical name to call the way I use it....Spacer? Guard cap? I hope you guys like it! This last picture has my very first knife on top, which I finished about 5 years ago. Leaf spring steel, Zebrawood, also one of my
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