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  1. Ok thanks everyone for the help in this one I greatly appreciate it.
  2. So looks like I will be forced to re-sand, re-etch. With the macro shots I do see several welding flaw going on as well.
  3. so you are thinking something like corrosion?
  4. First some intro. This is a tight twist 185 layers, 1080 and 15N20 blade. Size is:blade 4 3/4, OAL 9 3/8, plunge 3/4. I put some micarta on it and gave it to a family member for her kitchen. A few years latter I was at her house and got the knife back as it had some wrong with it. I first thought that it was laying on something and etched the blade on the upper section so I put it on the buffer, cloth wheel with brownells #555 grey, about 3 sessions later I ask what happened to it. Long story short is we don't know. What I do know is after many buffing sessions and being in the corner for some time I decided to take some photo's to try to figure out what went wrong. The blade before she received it. The still 'good side' this is before she received it. This is the blade now, mind you there has been several buffing sessions. This is the bad side. this is the 'good side' some more details on the bad side a very close up of the heavy area. and lastly
  5. Looks like the DNS record is fixed, Just had several message come flooding in so all is good now.
  6. This just came thru. Figured I would share it. Looks like serv01.m1059.sgded.com does not resolve correctly. estreet@pegasus:~$ ping serv01.m1059.sgded.com ping: unknown host serv01.m1059.sgded.com However. estreet@pegasus:~$ ping m1059.sgded.com PING m1059.sgded.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from m1059.sgded.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=54 time=30.3 ms
  7. pics or it doesn't count Grats on the find. I posted my recent drill press find not that long ago here.
  8. First I have no idea who it was on this forum that was looking for a double horn anvil but I just found one that is up for sale and it is quite newish. Ok if you consider 1926 newish and in superb condition then 429 lb Soderfors steel german anvil
  9. Cliff Carroll 125 lb. Anvil This may not be 'double horn' but it is somewhat closish. Also send email to http://stores.ebay.com/Matchless-Antiques as she sells numerous anvils, i.e. that cast steel 560 pounder John Brooks anvil
  10. Shoots quite accurate. it's what I use in the pistol matches at the range. Way more accurate than my 1860. What is S.A.S.S.?
  11. I have a new holster here today. I have been looking for a good holster for my Rogers and Spencer 44 cal revolver for some time now. I ended up buying Packing Iron: Gun Leather of the Frontier West for ideas on holster design and went with a period correct Northern Plains style holster. After several phone calls to Jeff at Shooting Star Saddlery I decided to order one, this is the results and they are amazing. Anyways, Jeff's company and website is http://shootingstar.montana.com/ He made me a holster and a belt. Am going to get a possible bag when funds permit. Ok lets get down to the details and show how superb his skill really is. This is the top band. This is below the top band. Bottom band. And very very top of the holster. Both bands. This is a EUROARMS Rogers and Spencer 44 caliber cap and ball revolver in London Grey that I bought in 2009. I used it at the range for target and I love this design. Finding holsters for these is next to impossible. I have seen a few calvery style holsters from dixie but that is about it. As for fit of holster goes it is a very good fit. The finish is exceptional and anything good I have to say would be a gross understatement at the least. Ed
  12. Post the water test and stain test.
  13. Knife laws are very weird for the most part. You have some very arcanic and sometimes draconic knife laws. You also have the federal switchblade laws as well. What really kills me on this arena is you can take a baseball bat, it's used to play baseball, if you are caught at a gas station (example here) using it then it becomes a weapon. The line from 'tool' to 'weapon' is based on intent and usage. The difference in a criminal and a citizen is motive and intent. Any object can become a 'weapon'.
  14. Titanium. Also used in underwater dive knives. not only non-magnetic but spark free.
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