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  1. Thanks I appriciate the replys and info
  2. Is there a place on the forum to help newbies like me find instructions on some of the processes of knife making like handle attachment just to name one. I have been using the search but just haven't found it.
  3. not a big fan of the bowie knife Ive seen in the past but this one caught my eye.
  4. Im new to knife making and think a kit maybe a good start. Can anyone tell me if this kit is any good. The style is what I have been looking for but its taken a while since I didnt know what it was called just a picture I had seen somewhere. Ive alwayes tried to buy US products this one is made in Asia. Any comments would help Thanks In Advance http://usaknifemaker.com/kit-knives-blade-blanks-c-73/ground-hardened-knife-blanks/running-bear-bowie-s1a.html
  5. I like it and look forward to seeing your progress
  6. Cant wait to see this complete, Thanks for sharing
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