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  1. I tried the search feature but could not located this. I know it's been covered before. Seeing that it is Christmas time, If Santa could bring me a new forge, what should I ask for. Must be able to handle knives up to size of Bowie knives, must be able to get to forge welding temps. Other than that, I am open. So shoot. I have looked at the Diamondback (I Like the Price). Love the Chili Forges (Don't like the prices).
  2. I bought a 10in wheel from Grizzly. When I received it, I realized that it did not come with bearings. Basically, it has a 3/4in hole. I am assuming that I really need to have bearings. Can I buy bearings for this wheel or am I out of luck.
  3. I don't know if any of you know him, but he was the bladesmith at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. As a kid, I was captivated watching him make knives. His knives were not the prettiest, but they were so functional. Through the years, I would spend time talking with him and just listening. Then as an adult with my own kids, I finally got a forge and was able to show him one of my knives. I will miss him.
  4. Wayne, Thank you for that info. I do plan on giving you a call and finally purchasing the insulation and refractory maybe as soon as next week. I have a welding store right next to my work and I will go check them out on the tip.
  5. Thank you all. Can this be a blown air design? Can a properly set up venturi forge get to welding heat?
  6. Okay, so after four months of inactivity, I am finally able to get back to swinging a hammer. I am wanting to start my propane furnace build and I have a few questions. I will provide pictures as well to help explain. I have two furnaces that I can build. I have a box type furnace that was given to me that has two burners and is a venturi burner. I don't know if I want to fix it up (needs insulation) because the design seems to be inefficent. I am leaning more towards a freon tank or propane tank build. I was given this burner by one you. I assume that the long black pipe g
  7. Seriously? Who cares? I just like seeing our creations at work. Lets not jump on someone and criticize.
  8. That is true. Come to think of it, I have a neat little go pro camera I got for hunting that I could use for point of view blacksmith videos.
  9. Well, I guess that video I was referencing was actually Recalescence. So I still need a visual. But, Alan, you described it well, so I think I can figure it out.
  10. Awesome. Wood I have. Can't wait to try this out. I am glad someone posted a video a few weeks ago on decalescence. Helps me visualize that process.
  11. Can I use a piece of coke in the tube since I don't do charcoal?
  12. Alan, I use coal to forge in. If I use that pipe trick, can I throw a piece of coke in or does it have to be charcoal? What's the ready to buy charcoal I can get at lowes, home depot, etc?
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