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  1. Karter Schuster

    My blades foto

    The 6th makes me almost think of shed antlers, great work!
  2. Karter Schuster

    What I have been up to

  3. Karter Schuster

    Germanic, iron age sword

    Looks fantastic!
  4. Karter Schuster

    New seax handle

    Looking good so far, how well did the wood carve?
  5. Karter Schuster

    Long & Pointy

    Love it
  6. Karter Schuster

    6th C. Anglo-Saxon axe-hammer

    Beautifully executed piece
  7. Karter Schuster

    two seax sheaths in work

    Very, VERY nice!
  8. Karter Schuster

    East meets west, old meets new

    Quite nice indeed!
  9. Karter Schuster

    Pre-Roman Germanic world...?

    While I seem to have nothing more to add I will be surely saving this thread for later
  10. Karter Schuster

    My first offering here; a seax

    All I can say is you have pleased the Gods well. Hope it sells!
  11. Karter Schuster

    Made a new belt knife

    Practice is practice, and the handle is what shines for me here. Keep it up man!
  12. Karter Schuster

    Horse-hair grips and Roman calvary spatha

    Quite a cool concept, I cant wait to see this unfold
  13. Karter Schuster

    Nice Shod Knife

    Now This is awesome
  14. Karter Schuster

    Cuttle bone casting

    I dig the texture left behind by the bone ribbing.
  15. Karter Schuster

    Germanic, iron age sword

    I like where this is going, keep us posted!