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  1. The 6th makes me almost think of shed antlers, great work!
  2. Looking good so far, how well did the wood carve?
  3. While I seem to have nothing more to add I will be surely saving this thread for later
  4. All I can say is you have pleased the Gods well. Hope it sells!
  5. Practice is practice, and the handle is what shines for me here. Keep it up man!
  6. Quite a cool concept, I cant wait to see this unfold
  7. I dig the texture left behind by the bone ribbing.
  8. I like where this is going, keep us posted!
  9. I have, no words to describe my appreciation for this sword.
  10. It sure is lovely to see it in a better condition
  11. Well now I feel dumb. I should have used oil. I got herringbone cracks in the blades, and one was even cracked to worse hell. I would post pics but I didn't take the cracks lightly... Sooooo... back to square one.
  12. By the looks of the base it looks like it was used as an axe target. lol
  13. I can't choose which I love more, both are fantastic
  14. Hopefully it goes well, I'll keep you posted =)
  15. Oh wow I was just admiring your Deviant Art knife posts (for inspiration), have a hearty welcome Jacek!
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