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  1. My first forge was a heated using a Bernzomatic weed torch I got from Lowes. In it's defense, it was only heating a kaowool lined paintcan and didn't get to welding temps but it worked and kept me forging for a year or so until I could make my own venturi burner. If you have the tools, I totally recommend building your own but if not, it works well enough to forge and heat treat. Very cumbersome and awkward but effective.
  2. Was sniffing around the internet for info on ax maintenance and came across this gem. Lots of good info on ax history, use and upkeep. Enjoy!(I sure did!) https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/recreational_trails/publications/fs_publications/99232823/
  3. Diggin the work so far! Can't wait to see how it all fits up and how the san mai layers look. I'm excited. I think you'll be happier with thinning it to 1/8". Skinny blades are sexy
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys! The inset tail happened as more of a happy accident since the blade was salvaged and the handle more or less built around it but I'm glad it turned out that way. It feels good in the hand. Hopefully I'll be making more in the future with the same feature.
  5. Just finished this friction folder. I think this is the 5th knife I've finished so far. Blade is forged from 5160, sanded up to 2000 grit, cold blued and clothed in 1/8" G10 Black/Black scales. The blade was recycled from a previous friction folder that just wasn't doing it for me. After some drilling and shaping, I feel it turned out rather well. This is the first friction folder I've made that I'm genuinely pleased with. As always, comments and ideas are welcome OAL: (closed) 5 1/2" (open)7 1/2" Blade length: 4 3/4" Width: 3/8"
  6. Dang, I never would've guessed G10 was that strong. That's very helpful info. Thanks Robert!
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the info James. The thought of epoxying the screws never crossed my mind. Dang good idea!
  8. I'm looking at making a linerless friction folder with G10 for the scales. Is this material hard enough to take a tap and hold pocket clip screws? I don't really feel like buying a clip only to have the screws strip out on me the first time I stick it in my pocket so I thought I'd ask first incase anyone has done it before.
  9. Awesome. Thanks Alan! I wasn't sure so I'm definitely glad I asked.
  10. I just received my tomahawk mandrel from Blacksmiths Depot and since this is the first time I've used one of these, I have a quick question. Do these need to be quenched like some drifting/hot work tools or does it simply need to air-cool? I wanted to make sure before I did something foolish and ruined it. Thanks -Michael
  11. Thanks Alan! I'm gonna give it a shot.
  12. Dang Alan, thats a pretty cool idea with the pipe! I've never heard of this before. If I understand right, the blade(inside the pipe) is brought up to temp from the heat of the pipe itself? Would this work for other types of steel? I really dig this idea since I have a hard time judging color while the blade is in direct flame. Sorry Loki, not trying to hijack your thread. Just grabbed my interest.
  13. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to withdraw as well due to a new, restricted living arrangement which sucks because I was really looking forward to throwing a piece in the hat. Oh well.. maybe next time I'll be living somewhere I can forge and not have to worry about an eviction notice. Definitely looking forward to seeing everyones work.
  14. Mike is right about overcast days. They can be a tremendous help. One thing you might consider, depending on the type of camera, is a Polarized UV filter. That can also help give your colors a richer, darker contrast. The concept is alot like wearing polarized sunglasses. They filter out that pesky white UV haze that tends to wash out what we look at. I like your spike bottle openers! Handy tool for grilling/tailgating or any other excuse to sit around and drink some brew. Cool arrangement with the antlers, btw -Michael
  15. That's really nice work, Shane! I can't wait to start journeying into the damascus world myself. What part of Louisiana are you from? Reason I'm asking is that I went to school with a couple of Wink's from the Downsville(Lake D'Arbonne) area. Again, great work. Lookin forward to seeing how the tsuba turns out.
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