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  1. If it's Hurdy-gurdies you find interesting, Eluveitie is definitely worth checking out. Bonus: a lot of the lyrics are in english.
  2. I have been. Like I said it doesn't like to move much and I've only been forging at a fairly high heat. Around bright red to dark orange and above. No cracks yet. Wouldn't cold forging completely destroy any tool steel? And it has indeed made some very good blades from what I've seen. Also, it's just what I have for right now along with a wee bit of 52100.
  3. Lots of good info. Thanks Alan. It did have a nice convex bevel, then the bevel disappeared. Went away more and more when I was working on the upper portion. Not having a flat on my belt sander hasn't helped anything either. Need to rig up something. And as far as using S7, everything has worked out pretty well so far. Doesn't really want to move much on the anvil, or be filed, but it works.
  4. What is the handle finish? Looks waxed, or is that the buffing? Either way, very nice. Fitting name too.
  5. Yeah, I've become very aware of how extremely difficult it is to get to a point of full-time bladesmithing. That just makes it all the more rewarding when you do hit that point. And I'm going to try my damnedest to get there. Lucky for me I don't need to make a lot to be happy as long as I can keep a roof and food, especially if I'm doing something as great as bladesmithing to make that happen. Really I thought that the buffing was going to help clean everything up more than it did. Lesson learned. And this is definitely not the best leather for sheaths, but it's just what I have for now (hopefully not the case for long). With the rivets: I know. Was too late to fix by the time I figured it out. Will still do its job at least and next time will be better. That was another question I've been struggling with regarding the edge. Everyone sharpens slightly differently, and if someone is going to pay for a hand-forged knife there is almost no doubt they know how to sharpen a knife pretty well. So do you get it to shaving sharp, and have them have to re-train the blade the first time they sharpen it, taking off more material, or just leave it with a starter edge? Also, I'm not great at sharpening yet. Getting better, but still not great. As far as heat treating I usually just try to use the magnet test. It's already stuck on the anvil (to cut ringing) so I don't have to waste too much heat seeing if the metal is pulled at all. Then look up what temp and how long for temper each time to make sure I get it right.
  6. Zach Greig


    That thing is frikkin sweet! The contrast between the edge and the rest works really well, imo.
  7. Finally finished the knife I've been working on. Not too thrilled with the sheath but the handle came out almost perfect. First time doing a scale handle or working with antler. S7 steel, antler handle, bottle opener pommel. This makes my tenth knife so far. and they are definitely getting better. So, what would y'all consider a fair price on this one? I figure I need to average about $180 per knife to really be able to do this full-time but idk if that would be considered too high a price for this. Time taken was at least 30 hrs.
  8. Idk about coolant, but the guy who's been teaching me bladesmithing uses anti-freeze primarily and it works just fine for him. Doesn't smell as bad as using motor oil either.
  9. Wow, nice work. Really like that last one. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Well, I'm interested. Whereabouts are you? Might not even have to ship it.
  11. Another awesome carving. The kit idea is cool too. Gotta love anything that's multipurpose.
  12. Blade length is 4 14". OAL is 7" Very sharp and very pointy. Make offer.
  13. That is way cool. Don't know how anyone could not love that. Your runes look very clean too... well, except the Dagaz.
  14. It seems like all the knives I have made so far have taken about the same time, from a 3" boot knife to a 5 1/2" hunter. But, I guess we can go with the latter for specific examples since that's what I'll likely end up making the most of. (Really want to make a seax though too) Really any kind of example or advice would be helpful. Glad to see people have actually been posting here though so thanks to everyone.
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