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  1. Simple knife for EDC. steel: d2, 3mm thick handle: orange g10 total length: 21,5cm blade length: 10,5cm I tried to make simple, comfortable knife with tiny fear factor
  2. 1. steel: 1.2235 black g10 total length: 18,5cm blade length: 8,5cm price: 80 euro. shipping included 2. steel: 1.2235 black g10 total length: 22,5cm price: 85 euro. shipping included 3. steel: 1075 black g10 total length: 21,5cm blade length: 10,5cm kydex holster price: 75 euro. shipping included
  3. price is down... 85$
  4. Three small utility knives for sale. Steel: L2 (80CrV2) 3mm thick hardness: ~60 HRC Total length: 21,5cm Blade length: 9cm Handle: - black g10 - brown canvas micarta Price: 95$ international priority mail included paypal accepted
  5. i made some new knives this month
  6. this one i made last saturday: simple, bushcraft knife. 90cr3 tool steel total length: 225mm blade length: 115mm blade thickness: 3mm handle: micarta + brass pins.
  7. And sheats i made today
  8. thanks this is my last work, i finished it last saturday spring stell, colorized burl and brass. Total length: 25,5cm, blade length: 13,5cm
  9. thank you this knife with copper is made of: steel: 145Cr6 3mm thick (most my knives are made of this steel) handle: birch burl, leather and copper total length: ~25,5cm, blade length: ~13,5cm
  10. thank you and last knives: carbon steel and burl.
  11. last i've done: handforged N8E steel
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