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  1. So after a busy summer these are the last two pieces of work to be finished before fall, for you guys to enjoy! Here's the rundown: Aurora Blade: Mattias Styrefors blade with reindeer figure and explosion pattern. Blade length approx 11.5cm. Handle: Stabilized brown/black box elder burl, magenta box elder burl, sallow and reindeer antler with custom engraving. Sheath: Brown/Red rawhide leather sheath. Total knife length is approximately 25.5cm. Draco Blade: Mattias Styrefors blade with dragon figure and explosion pattern. Blade length approx 14cm. Handle: Buffalo
  2. Thanks for the kind comments! Have a great weekend everyone!
  3. Its not caged, the crystal has a really tight fit into the hole, and it is secured by an adhesive. I dont go as far as to start making "jewelry-esque" cages etc, usually I can clamp the inlays under the encircling ring (as with the Oceanis, the wooden ring sits on top of the inlay), which makes it virtually impossible to get the inlay out without breaking everything apart. Hope this clears out your questions! :-)
  4. Thanks for all the kind words! The crystal is firmly set, can't have it come loose or drop out of its place ;-)
  5. Hello folks, I've finished another two pieces to show you guys, the info is below. Which one do you like best? ;-) Enjoy! Pandora Blade: Mattias Styrefors blade with random pattern. Blade length approx 14cm. Handle: Fossil mammoth tusk, box elder burl, moose antler and spalted maple. Bismuth crystal inlay. Sheath: Rawhide leather sheath. Total knife length is approximately 27,5cm. Oceanis Blade: Mattias Styrefors blade with star and explosion patterns. Blade length approx 12cm. Handle: Fossil walrus tusk, stabilized mammoth tooth, muskox antler, amboyna, willow an
  6. So folks, Here is the latest of my creations, this one called Bear Trap. Specs in short: Blade: Mattias Styrefors blade with bear figure and explosion patterns. Blade length approx 10,5cm. Handle: Fossil walrus tusk with engraved walrus tusk spacers, bear and chain insert. Dark purple willow and red box elder burl. Sheath: Black rawhide leather sheath. Total knife length is approximately 24,5cm. And the pictures: Have a great Easter everyone!
  7. Thanks for all the comments, have a nice weekend!
  8. The detail in the handle is made by horn engraving, which is basically cutting grooves in the surface and filling them with some color.
  9. Hello folks, Here's my latest creation, showcased on my table at Helsinki Knife Show - Sliver. This is to date the longest knife I've made, it totals 36cm (14" for those who swing that way). Anyway, here's the breakdown: Blade: Fileworked Mattias Styrefors blade with explosion pattern edge and sides of wet steel and nickel, approximately 20cm in length. Handle: Buffalo horn and fossil walrus tusk. Sheath: Rawhide leather colored black with a buffalo horn belt loop button. And what you all came here for, the pictures;
  10. Thanks for all the comments, and Merry Christmas!
  11. All my sheaths are rawhide leather, they are stiff when they are finished, and will retain their shape as long as they're not wetted. About the volume you mention, I don't really know what you mean by that.
  12. Thanks! The compass is not scrimshaw though, it's engraved as well.
  13. This is my latest knife from the production line, "Gobi". Blade: Mattias Styrefors blank carbon steel blade with explosion pattern edge, approximately 13cm in length. Handle: Stabilized elm root and amboyna with reindeer antler spacers and bolster. Engraved with plaid pattern and a compass rose. Sheath: Rawhide leather colored dark red and brown with custom embossing and an engraved reindeer antler belt loop button. Total knife length is approximately 27,5cm. Enjoy
  14. Feeling blue, eh? Thanks everyone for the kind words
  15. Here are two new custom scandis I've just finished, the Frostbite and the Ritual. These are the final projects for this summer before studies start and knifemaking has to slow down a little (not stop though ) Both of the knives (along with others) are for sale, contact me through my website for more information. Anyway, on to the good stuff; Frostbite Blade: Mattias Styrefors damascus steel blade with random pattern heat colored blue and gold. Length approx. 11,5cm. Handle: Mammoth tusk bolster and rear ornament, stabilized mammoth tooth center, blue stabilized birch and
  16. I think the slanted ends are more of a contemporary swedish style, but its not something I have invented myself, I'm still looking for my own expression, or "signature", shape-wise in the handles.
  17. Thank you all for your comments. Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of new knives within the next few weeks
  18. More knives are coming, here's a WIP shot just for you And I realize I should also clarify that credit for the blades of my knives goes to Mattias Styrefors, as I've only had a collaborative part in their making.
  19. Hi everyone, My name is Tommy Alatalo, I'm a student and I've been making knives for the last 4 years, on and off, the last 2 years more on I've been tutored by master bladesmith and knifemaker Mattias Styrefors as well as master engraver Jonny Walker Nilsson who have helped me greatly to hone my craft. I thought I would show you my latest creations and get some more online presence and your feedback. There are more pictures on my website too if you are interested, along with detailed specifications. Enjoy! (if I am breaking any forum rules with this being my fir
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