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  1. Concise is the first word that comes to mind! It's great!
  2. Slumber, watcher, till the spheres, Six and twenty thousand years Have revolv'd, and I return To the spot where now I burn. Other stars anon shall rise To the axis of the skies; Stars that soothe and stars that bless With a sweet forgetfulness: Only when my round is o'er Shall the past disturb thy door. - from "Polaris" by H.P. Lovecraft W2, Campo De Ciello meteorite, African Blackwood, shibuichi fittings, sapphires. Not perfect, but an immensely fun build...
  3. Just wrapped this up, today. 80CRV2, wrought iron, brass, Rosewood.
  4. Thanks, Robert. I'm getting closer to making reality look like my imagination
  5. Wow! I love the art nouveau period, and this makes me feel nostalgic
  6. Thanks, Miles! For those who might have been seriously offended, I was able to fix a serious mistake... my cannons were inverted, and they are now right side up. Only minor renewing necessary.
  7. Here is a project I am wrapping up. 1095/15n20, wrought iron, purpleheart, walnut, brass. OAL 17.5"... For those not familiar with the term, a shadow box is usually presented to someone at the end of their military career, as a documentation/culmination of their service.
  8. I really appreciate the feedback, thank you all, very much!
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