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  1. Hello, This week I photographed this awesome bowie by Glen Mikolajczyk. This thing was a beast to photograph! The blade is 15" long and is highly polished Damascus, which acts like a mirror to reflect anything and everything - a true nightmare for the camera. It took me over an hour just to get it all set up correctly. The ivory handle is absolutely gorgeous, and the details on the sheath make this knife a work of art. Kudos to Glen. Enjoy!
  2. Glen, Glad I could be of assistance. P.S. - How long have we known each other?? You've seen my name in emails, forums, etc. There's no "e" in my name. Talk to you soon.
  3. Thanks everyone for the compliments. With larger pieces like tomohawks and swords, especially highly detailed ones like these that come with a display stand, they almost require multiple images, each with multiple views. I tried to focus in on the areas with high amounts of craftsmanship and detail. With that said, these images don't do Glen's work justice!
  4. Hey guys, Here's a couple of pictures I took over the weekend of a set of Pipehawks that Glen Mikolajczyk built. They are gifts for his daughters for Christmas and he wanted to get some pics taken for his records and his website. Beautiful work and I'm sure his daughters will love their gifts.
  5. Here's the pictures I took at the Norther Lakes Knife Show last weekend. Clarence DeYong - File Knife with a really cool carved wood handle. Ed Brandsey - Bowie Knife on & off the stand. Peter Martin - Walrus Ivory & Damascus hunter. Here's his most recent "Pipehawk" with wire inlay. Damascus dagger with wire wrapped handle. Mosaic Damascus & Checkerboard Pearl. Mosaic Damascus & Composite Opal Dual Action Folder. Here's a rare straight knife from R.B. Johnson. And another from R.B. A n
  6. Hey guys, There's a knife show this Friday, October 5-6, 2012 in Janesville, WI. I'll be there all set up with my gear taking photos for the makers, as well as any customers who'd like a knife photographed. Here's the special pricing flyer I'll be handing out before the show starts: To clarify what Single, Double and Triple Images mean, here's some examples: Single Image Double Image Triple Image If you're in the area, please stop by the show to check out what's new from all the makers. I'll be located in one of the side conference rooms right outside the
  7. Sticking with the Scrimshaw theme for this next post, only it's on fixed blade knives. Another classic Ed Brandsey knife. This is one of my all time favorite knives I've ever photographed, and it's easy to see why! It's a Viking / Celtic themed knife from Ed Lary. Same knife in the sheath - truly remarkable! This sword by Mike Sakmar was about 30" long and was a fun challenge to shoot. This push dagger is a "Martin Family Special" - My dad made the knife and my mom did the scrim. Hats off to all you scrimshaw artists out there - keep up the
  8. I too struggle with swords and some of the larger bowie knives. The struggle makes it that much more satisfying when you finally get everything set up just right and the photo turns out great. Thanks for the compliments!
  9. I do not know who did the artwork. These knives were part of a collection I recently did for a local guy here in WI. I am pretty strict about making sure that credit is given where it is due, but I just couldn't get an answer on these.
  10. Hey Guys, Here's a few more pics of folders featuring scrimshaw work. With highly detailed knives like these, blending multiple images is very helpful in showing the artwork. With a little practice in Photoshop, you can easily make the 2 or 3 separate images of the knife blend together seamlessly into one image. The viewer can now see almost 100% of the entire knife in one glance. Dave Ricke Peter Martin's "Elephant" Folder Ed Kalfayan - Notice how the wolf is almost hidden within the branches. Frank Centofante On this last image I tried a new layout
  11. Here's a few fixed blade knives... Don Cowles - Miniature knife that was about 5" long total... The handle material and engraving provide enough detail for a full size knife! Kevin Cashen - Absolutely gorgeous, carved Ebony handle is a perfect match for the damascus blade, guard and butt-cap. Ray Cover Sr. - ATS-34 Hunting knife with engraving and matching sheath...simple yet incredible! Rick Barrett - Wood handle Tanto with a PERFECT Hamon line...Rick is a true master of his craft! Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  12. Thanks John...I seem to always have the same struggle that I call "Blade vs. Handle". I adjust the knife position & lighting and the blade looks good, but then the handle has bright spots or is tough to see...then I re-adjust the knife and lighting to make the handle look good, but I lose the blade then. It's easy to drive yourself crazy always chasing after it like this. Solution: I found that using some modelling clay (found at any hobby store) under the blade and handle to raise the knife up off the background gives me more control over the knife position, as well as provide deep
  13. Hello, I've decided to start one single topic that I will continue to add pictures to, rather than individual topics...this way it will create an ongoing gallery of my previous work. Here's the 2 pictures I've already posted. Ed Brandsey's "Armadillo" Knife Barry Gallagher's "Spider" Auto The next installments - Steve Jernigan's All Damascus Folder with Stone & Gold Wire Inlays Jot Singh Khalsa's Damascus Auto with Stone Handle & Engraved Bolsters Peter Martin's "Steam-Punk" Damascus Folder with Actual Parts from a Pocket Watch That'
  14. Thanks Karl...no plans to go full time yet. Still trying to become more recognized in the industry. I do have plans to try and get my foot in the door at some other knife shows throughout the Midwest...one step at a time!
  15. Hello, The next knife I'd like to post is an auto made by Barry Gallagher that features a 3-D engraved image of a spider. Beautiful, naturally colored Mammoth bark ivory, and file worked screws. The overall shape of the knife is racey, yet elegant at the same time. Easy to see why I fell in love with this knife while photographing it. Picture - Barry Gallagher's "Spider" Auto Thanks for looking. Cory
  16. Hello Forum Community, My name is Cory Martin and I've been taking photographs of knives & firearms for about 6-7 years now. I've just finished my website and the next step is to start posting examples of my work on the various knife forums. I do my best to provide multiple, clean and crisp images, all blended into one photograph so you can view an entire knife in one sitting. The additional angles are usually the reverse side of the knife, file work detail along the spine, inlay / engraving / scrimshaw work, etc., or any detailed view that deserves the spotlight. These photo'
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