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  1. Test harden small bits of each of the steels and do your hardness test. Iv tried and cracked damascus in water quench, so I would avoid that. Those known steels want 800-810 deg. C if I'm not mistaken. Maybe your not hot enough to get full hardness?
  2. I'd wager the site was selling new iron/bronze and faking the dating. All items from that age would be clasified as a historical find, and would be the property of the government if im not mistaken. Here in Norway, anyways.. The viking aged arrowheads I have, "should" have been handed over to a museum or something. I'm keeping them, because non of them would ever be on display or used for anything(they found lots in that area) Never heard of large findings of old refined iron/bronze here in Norway. Sounds strange at best. At that time, it was worth a lot!
  3. My old venturi ate a load more propane than my new forced air. Gets faster hot and hotter when I barely open the gas. With the gas pricing here, Im saving a lot of money! Not going back.. For a airblower, Im jusing a blower from one of those childrens inflateable jumping castles(No idea what its called in english). Looks like a forging air blower, but cost me a 10th of the price!!
  4. The vikings did use archery quite a lot. One of the most famous archers was Einar Tambarskjelve. At the picture, his bow got hit by an arrow and broke. The king, Olav Tryggvason, borrowed him his bow. But Einar was too strong for it. And he said something like: "Too weak, too weak is the kings bow!" And he picked up his shield and sword.. This was in the battle by Svolder in 999 or 1000. But the sword overshadow most other weapons. It was said that in the old days, it was most "honor" to by executed by sword and not the axe. But its also said that by using the sword, one ofte
  5. Most construction steel are s235, s275 or s355. On this site you can find chemical comp. and so on: http://www.b2bmetal.eu/en/pages/index/index/id/141/ Where in Norway are you located? If you live around Bergen, I can tell you where to go look for some cheap and good steel. I used to work for a small steel supplier. If your far off, I can probably send you some samples of some of the steel I use in trade for info about buying hammers direct from China Not that I can buy one now, but who knows in the future.
  6. I have a 30 ton log splitter press running on gas. Its all most too strong... The jack presses i'v seen seem too slow, so it cools down the steel fast.
  7. If you are to speed up production, using softer steels in the san-mai "jacket" be an option. If im not mistaken, you used 20 and 15n20 steel for the damascus and "Øberg"(1.2% C) for the edge? Mild/15n20 gives a good contrast. Pure nickel/mild steel is soft and easily ground. A belt grinder will of course help loads. I have belts from 40 to 400.. And buffing wheels may finish off the mirror polish without going through all those grits to 8000. Going from 3000 to 5000 grit seem to tip my knives from shiny to mirror when i'm not buffing.
  8. An arrowhead I found in the mountains of middle Norway. It was used for reindeer hunting. The area is know for reindeer hunting since the stone age. As it is now, it weights 20 grams. Did they make pattern welded arrowheads too? Or was arrowheads mass produced of the worst steel/iron they had? Lars
  9. Btw. did you get a good price on that powerhammer from China?
  10. Im sure hes making a good profit from it. But I think minimum order from Uddeholm is 500 kg or so. I tried to check up on it some years ago, but gave it up. I switched to doing mild steel/Pure nickel for the san mai coats and 20 or Øberg for cores. That way I wont be needing much of the costly stuff. Smith, Norsk Stål and Rukkii doesnt have these steels in stock. Most of their workers wont know what you are talking about either... Its allmost all construction steel and maybe some hardox for those guys.
  11. I expect you got your steels from Steen Nilsen. In his description, they all are oil-hardening. Iv tried water once and had a catastrofic result Oil works good.
  12. Ray(mond) Rybar sell a DVD called "Scripture Damascus" where he explain how he do it. Sure take time and work!!
  13. I redused my propane useage a LOT by adding an air blower. I used way too much propane to reach the temperatures I wanted with the "venturi" i had. With the forced air, its allmost a problem keeping the temp down. And thats with a lot less propane running through. Lars
  14. On horse equipment, I wouldnt harden anything. Better it bend than snap and make a pointy thingy..
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