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  1. Thanks guys....and yes Alan...those little blister thingys....what a drag! I'll program that approach that Steven mentioned next time....still can be difficult on the integrals but I think doable too! Always more to learn. -DON:)
  2. Cool thread! I think these types of heat treatments are endless in variety and in technique/approach. Great to see how others do what they do. In that interest, I have showed some process images of two blades I was playing around with contrasting finishes, using clay and juxtaposing the refinement of that with forged finish and rough belt finish. I was happy both, but really excited about how the primary and secondary coating of the clay showed-up on the large camp knife. I hope you enjoy the images. -DON:) AND the one of the first times doing a clay-less hamon in W2. I was pretty happy with this one:)
  3. That is some amazing construction there! Looks like you got a clean weld considering all the extra surface area to address! 2 out of 32 is not bad! Looking forward to seeing this as it comes along. -DON:)
  4. W2 can have a fine coating of decarb on it that will disrupt the ability of the etchant (no matter what type you use) from getting the differential hardness to show up. I have had this happen before and went through the same process & found that each time it only got worse & eventually the etchant just did not seem like the blade had hardened at all, but was fine...so it was a surface problem of fine coating of carbon that basically looks white just like the steel. I talked to my mentor about it and he concurred that this has happened to him before in W2. I did a post about W1 where I had a similar problem .....but there is mroe to learn, so if anyone can chime in and share I too would be interested in hearing what your experiences are & what solutions may there be beyond sanding/grinding like crazy post HT. -DON:)
  5. Thanks guys...but I was talking about the frosty coating underneath the fire scale. As you probably know, Decarb can often look like little round pools on some steels like 1095 & 1084. ....usually I do not get that happening much since I do lots of chef knife blades that do not require such a long soak & I also keep the atmosphere rich & use a muffle furnace for HT.. ......but the W1 pieces were integrals & they needed more time to get up to temp near the choil & integral bolster before quench. What I got looked like a fine array of small circles (basically pure carbon) decarb that was very tough to get off so that I could get a clean etch to show the quench-lines. Thanks. -DON:)
  6. AWESOME! Thanks for the preview! -DON:)
  7. Joined the forum....What a great place!

    See you in SC in two weeks. -DON:)

  8. Just joined the forum & great to see yo here brother. Your Blacksmith knife on Etsy is very nice! KIT! -DON:)

  9. Well I am new around here, but have been making knives for a short while. I love making integrals and have a nice little stash of some of Don Hanson's W2....that I now covet for special projects. So I scored some W1 from Aldo Bruno. I have some round, square and rectangular stock that I like. >>>...however the first two pieces I heat treated out of it had that fine and really difficult "frosty decarb" that sometimes can occur in W2. I sanded for what seemed like forever & just could not get through it. So I am curious what others have to say, experiences, and tips. Thanks a million.
  10. As one of my chef-teachers in culinary school said to me "Nothing is Just Just". Mr. Headly knew what he was talking about.... and this is more than just just! Beautiful work Brother! -DON:)
  11. Thanks for the kind words about my work and the warm welcome! I am excited to be here:) -DON:)
  12. Greetings, My name is Don Carlos Andrade and I am new to the forum. I wanted to introduce myself here and show some of my latest works. I mostly spend time on another forum that I just love! However, not that many folks over there forge, there are some and it is a respectful and fun place, but I always admired Don Fogg and his style and approach & know that I can learn lots over here too. So I am here & hope to find time to manage being in my bladesmithing practice and contribute in a positive and thoughtful way to both forums. Primarily I create chef and camp knives, however integrals are my passion and was all I created in the first 3-4-years of making knives. I am very fortunate to have Tai Goo and my Mentor and Friend, he has helped my over the years and continues to be an inspiration and resource for me as I continue to learn more all the time. I chose chef knives as I am also a trained chef and teacher of Whole food Nutrition and Lifestyle. My lady and I assist others in learning to make the foods that heal their bodies and spirits.....so needless to say, I love chef knives and enjoy the challenge of making them as best as I can. OK Enough Jabber. Thanks for being here you all. Sincerely, Don C Andrade ________________________ A variety of chef knives made recently for orders and a show I am doing...it will be my first show. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my work:)
  13. Congratulations on your new set-up! I recently had Dave build me a forge and so far I am really happy with it. -DON:)
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