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    Metalworking, woodworking, parkour, survival skills, etc.
  1. I'm going to have to drop out unfortunately... Time just got away from me. But there is always next time!
  2. John F. Ellis

    A messer (a mess of a sabre?)

    Lovely as always!
  3. John F. Ellis

    A Southern Mountain squirrel rifle build-along...

    This is an awesome thread! I played around with gun building a few years ago, but never completed anything. Can't wait to see more from both of you guys!
  4. John F. Ellis

    Homage to the Vehmaa sword

    Lovely! The leather wrapped scabbard is awesome!
  5. John F. Ellis

    Pouches and Coin Purses

    I love 'em! Really nice work!
  6. John F. Ellis

    Viking Dirk

    Simply stunning!
  7. John F. Ellis

    Forge welding stainless and "fire" pattern damascus WIP

    Loving the WIP! That's some really nice work!
  8. John F. Ellis

    Sword scabbard and wire wrap handle

    Very nice! It turned out great!
  9. John F. Ellis

    A few projects.

    Those are really good! I'm especially digging the knives, but it is all great!
  10. John F. Ellis

    The Joy of a Simple Knife: PW Chef's Knife

    Really lovely!
  11. John F. Ellis


    Wow! That is beyond cool! I love it.
  12. John F. Ellis

    Powning/Stephens Collaboration: Chilblain (Huge Fantasy Sword)

    This is going to be great!
  13. John F. Ellis

    damascus razor

    Really nice! I really like the shape.
  14. John F. Ellis

    The best kind of day off! (Axe content)

    Nice work! Did you make your drift or did you buy it?